Shadow of the Colossus 2

Shadow of a colossus 2.jpg (271 KB)

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    Fake. Try searching SotC2 on google and it only leads to forum threads about “OMG R TEHY MAKING SOTC2 ON PS3?!!?” If a sequel is in order, it’s going to be a long, long, long, long, LONG time before any release info… seeing as how Wander is a baby.

    ….Holy fuck. Tell me you play as baby Wander killing colossi. Is that the story?! TELL ME SCE, TELL ME!


    The 2 in the title is there because this is the second Shadow of the Colossus picture Tardex submitted.


    Actually they have announced a part 2. Whether or not they have a release date i highly doubt that.


    yeah that is very clearly a colossi from the first and so far only one out. Gotta say, that was an amazing game as far as the cinematics and artwork are concerned. As long as you can deal with riding a retarded horse around a vast map forever looking for these damn things the battles afterward are totally worth it.


    Don’t you ever.
    Call my Agro retarded.

    Joshua Johnson

    Looks like its a good game. will wander fight as a baby?