Final Fantasy Collection

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First image is Cloud from Final Fantasy VII, then Squall from Final Fantasy VIII, then the bad ass Auron from Final Fantasy X, and finally…the leading lady from Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning.

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    FF7 & FF12 were awesome. Loathed FF8 (aka FF90210), FF10 bored me but I didn’t hate it.

    Also, why does Cloud have concave biceps? I’ve never been able to figure that out.


    FFVII was amazing as was FFX. If you got passed Tidus’s whining I believed the story was amazing. FFVIII sucked and I don’t have much faith in FFXIII.


    VII was good… VIII sucked, X was good (but mostly cuz of Auron being the best FF char evar) and XII sucked so much I couldn’t force myself to finish it… XIII looks pretty but we’ll see.

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