favorite videogame

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now do your part. call your local crappy gamestop.

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    Luke Magnifico

    o lolololololololol you comedic genius


    Awesome game…also by far the hardest game I’ve ever played (possibly the hardest game ever?)


    I remember I could never get past the part where you go down that chasm, and there’s the robots and the birds you can hit to take their beaks as weapons.

    That game was hard and hilarious.


    I never had trouble in there…but the level after that where you ride on the hoverbikes was brutal. I only ever got past it once without cheating, and only because I accidentally hit the secret teleporter.


    Secert whatsitnow?

    I remember that stage, too. Also a pain. I guess I did get past the chasm once or twice.


    Yeah there’s a secret teleporter when the stage starts moving really fast on the hoverbike that skips you to level 5. And of course the levels just get harder after that…


    had this for original gameboy (which i found in a dumpster) and yeah, couldnt get past the first level

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