US Military Welfare Queens

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I do not endorse the opinions present on this picture. I just thought it was pretty funny.

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    This is fucking stupid.


    Someone needs their nose broken.


    This is 100% true.

    Think about it.

    Anybody who works and pays taxes is supporting these army assholes.

    All they do is fuck around…we’ve all seen the videos…


    Choke on a dick you piece of shit. Just fucking die already.


    Yes, that’s a start.

    I’ll think of some other insults for these armyfags


    So you’re calling the people in the Army ‘Fags’ when you’re on this site posting pictures of how many shows you own, the hoodie that you think looks oh so cool, and the little pink bike. Do not insult the people in the U.S. Military. I have a friend that has been shot in the upper part of his chest, stabbed just above his hip when he was trying to patch up an insurgent, and was next to an IED when it went off. What’s the worst thing you’ve had happen to you? stubbed toe or the dreaded papercut. People don’t join the military thinking that they’ll get ‘paid’. I’m in the Air Force and I don’t make much money but just enough to get by, but if was to get out I could easily make more than double. It’s not about the money. It’s about a sense of pride. So until you know what it is like to be in the military, Shut The Hell Up.


    Not that I support his position of shitting on regular military, probably because of the decisions of a few ambitious but incompetent generals and naive politicians, but you really don’t have the right to tell someone who they can and cannot insult. The freedom that the military protects goes both ways. You can’t say they stand up for and protect someone’s rights and freedoms, including free speech, only to tell a punk with a big mouth to shut up.

    Another thing, and don’t take this personally, but using personal experiences doesn’t really get you far with people who’ve already crossed the threshold for insults. Take it from someone who has had this argument countless times. It looks well intentioned, but it smacks of elitism. It looks more like you’re trying to tell him his opinion doesn’t matter, and you’re automatically better than him because of service. What would normally conjure sympathy only makes him angrier. I can’t tell you how frustrating that is when someone automatically disqualifies anything you have to say and treats you as if you were beneath them. Almost as frustrating as someone insulting your proud service so blatantly I’d imagine.

    I too have a friend in the military, and whenever he runs into people like good ole’ Casemods up there, he just smiles and says something along the lines of, “Good, I know I did my job then if you’re still able to say those things to me.” As disgusting as the insults are, they can and WILL happen. It’s best to pick your battles, and I hardly see an internet mud match with a troll worth your time and energy.


    I have friends in the Army, and while I don’t agree with what the higher ups have been using the army for in the past 20 years. I do not blame the troops in any way.

    The US troops don’t join the army to drain our resources, they join so they can protect us. Reguardless of whether threats to the US are real or imagined, the fact that someone I don’t know joined the military and willingly put their life in jeopardy to defend our country is something I can respect.

    TLDR version: Piss off Casemods.


    People sign up for the army because they can’t get a job.

    I would know…I’ve thought about it.

    It’s a simple solution: join the army; get money.


    No necessarily true, some jobs in the Military pay very well, anything in Research and Development. One of my friends just finished His medical degree and got a job as a medical surgeon for the army.


    Where do you think the money comes from? Taxes.

    Anything government, military, etc, related comes from taxes.

    That’s why you don’t pay taxes on gov jobs.


    I didn’t know that we did not have to pay taxes! Fucking awesome! When do I get the refund money for the taxes we have been paying for the last five years?!


    You know, its funny. I only checked the comments on this page because the moment I saw this picture, I *knew* that casemods would be trolling in the comments…but then again theres a 90 percent chance of that on anything posted on this site.

    Tyler Durden

    Fuck you, you trolling glob of dick snot.


    goddamn casemods….your trollin is at a peak

    i somehow bet internet that YOU don even believe what you say


    Fucking full of complete lame assed fucking fail. FTL.


    Like I said. Didn’t say I endorsed any of that. I said it was funny.
    Don’t break my nose please.


    And I get a -3. Awesome.


    sweet post. very accurate. funny how shooting innocent people directly equals fighting for freedom. GO USA! Maybe the “terrorist” are simply families that do not wish to sell they’re oil and gas rights. Hmmm… that can’t be, because fox news doesn’t say so.


    [Insert sarcastic quote here on generalizing about countries, imperialism, nationalism, military and world resources]

    Tyler Durden

    Wow, what a great point. So I guess all these terrorists slaughtering innocent people out here in Afghanistan are fighting for freedom too. Maybe they just don’t want to sell their oil rights. Oh wait…there is no fucking oil in Afghanistan. But just for the record what we are doing is preventing regional destabilization and showing farmers here how to grow something else other than opium, considering Afghanistan produces 90% of the world’s opium supply. Amazing the things you don’t know when you’re not willing to learn. Why don’t you do some homework before you open your cock holster and show everyone how fucking abysmally stupid you really are.


    why would they want to grow something other than opium?
    Its pretty and it pays ok…why u be hatin’ on opiums? opium is good, thats why there has been a demand for it for several centuries. Don’t believe the hype.



    Government employees pay income tax. This includes military personnel.


    Yup. And boy did I get raped by Uncle Sam on taxes. Here is how:

    I re-upped in 1992. Was going to make a career of it, but wasn’t going to say no to a bonus. I was told “hey, here is 22,000 for signing for four more years- but wait its only 18,00 after tax. We are gonna give you half now, and the rest in yearly increments. so here is 9,000 oh wait thats 6,200 -taxes, you know. So every Feb for the next 3 years you get 3,000. Ya, lets make that 1,800. Gotta pay your taxes!”

    And that was just the Fed taxes.
    There was a class action suit about this a few years back, but I guess it went nowhere.


    Free speech means asshole have the right to spew shit.

    Here’s some of mine.

    The picture fails on so many points. Here are three of them:

    1. Welfare Queens: People on welfare only have to say they are looking for work to get paid. Anyone that has seen a Coast Guard Cutter rescuing someone from danger knows that the armed forces work hard.

    2.Homophobia: If they get caught ‘slamming their dicks together’ they are out of that ‘sweet cushy job’ faster than you can say ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’. Welfare doesn’t care who you are.

    3. Eligibility: It’s easy to get tossed off Welfare, but until your time is up, you’re stuck in what amounts to a low paying job for most of the men and women that serve.* Some of which BTW could have been on welfare instead of in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    *(Note proper use of Your/you’re)


    I <3 good grammar 🙂


    It always impresses me how riled up some of you guys get at stuff like this. I mean, it really shows how effective your training is.


    Getting riled up up on a picture blog site says noting about a person’s training. This is a safe place to vent. Besides, venting at casemoods is good for the soul.


    If casemods is a saint for ventings being good for the soul, I’m a fucking god for all the soul goodness that came from a simple, n0n-profanity laden, n0n-rascist line from a hundred year old work of fiction.


    You just COPYPASTA some shit from chuluthu – don’t give yourself too much credit.


    If casemods is mad at you, then you must be doing something right!


    My thoughts exactly. Especially since he talked me into coming here.


    Who are you?


    That’d be telling!
    (I thought that you’d have figured it out by now anyway, die knows)



    ahaha I think I know! you were on my facebook right? and xfire forums?


    Ego gratias ago to casemods


    just another reason to love you d
    thank you 🙂


    Aw, ♥.



    Luke Magnifico

    If you don’t want to get shot at, don’t join the fucking army.


    If I’m going to die, it’s going to be after taking out a bunch of hoodlums, browns blacks and niggers – not for some fucking jackass tyrant.


    Unemployment rates will soar the day soldier boys (and girls) get out of the military system to get a “real job”. There are not enough bloody jobs about to employ people who were “propaganda bread” into military servitude.

    Professor Ratbaggy

    Seems harsh.


    A great big “fuck you” to anyone who agrees with the picture. Just because we aren’t engaged in a real war that threatens our country (I think the terrorists are hiding in their huts right now) doesn’t mean the military isn’t needed. If we disbanded our military, we’d get invaded pretty quick. Plus if we ever did go to war, like if WWIII broke out, these guys are the ones that are willing to take a bullet to protect our way of life. I say “thank you” to anyone wearing a military uniform. I don’t care if they’re cleaning toilets on a US base, they enlisted because they wanted to protect our nation, they’re better than I am. Side note, I was going to enlist but they wouldn’t take me due to crippling asthma when I run and bad knees (I wouldn’t have survived boot camp, probably).


    The comments prove that parody has died as an art in America. All this person is doing is applying Republican screed to it’s sacred cow: The military


    That gets a tip of my hat.


    Go to hell.

    (Begin TLDR) Seriously, if you don’t like the military in a war born country, move somewhere else. For other countries, who think we are a bunch of violent and greedy warmongers; yes, yes we are. Your welcome for fighting most of your battles. If you don’t like it, fight them yourself and don’t act hurt when no one helps you.

    I’m not pretending to have done in depth research, but a quick Google search tells me that in ’05 we had 5 million on the dole. compare that to 1.5 million military members in ’04. I can only imagine how those numbers have grown for welfare and if anything shrank for military. We(I, being military) pay taxes too, so I don’t mind that half my pay goes back into the government. And I’m not even that angry that I pay for jobless-ignorant people. They make me laugh and sometimes feel better that I chose to do something with my life other than cook meth and watch daytime tv. Our militant “welfare” recipient’s at least have the decency to die for their country every once and awhile.

    The man sitting in the president’s chair is a Democrat. I fail to see how political affiliation has anything to do with a poor attempt at trolling.
    (end TLDR)

    And fuck off.

    fracked again

    Trolls getting trolled by trolls in a troll thread with a troll pic.


    Too true! At least some of use are having fun.


    mini rant here, not a long or thought out rant either just a few words to say how this pic makes me feel
    bull fucking shit
    if u want to be on welfare don’t try at anything in life, army/marine/navy etc all pay for you to go to college
    life dealt you the shit hand? this is the way to make something of yourself, parents cant pay for college the military can, need help finding a career after serving? the military will help
    your drug dealing friend who dropped out of high school cant do that
    but he can help you forget about it for the right price
    so fuck off


    I love this picture because I hate dick-slapping military faggots.


    And yours was the nicest comment. You’re skacking.


    Glad to see someone agrees with me Dreth.


    I think I should’ve rephrased it a bit better. I hate the military. And anyone in any of them is instantly a dick-slapping military faggot, so I’m not really hating only on homosexuals in the military, but the military in general.

    Also, I find it ironic since most people in the ARMY are not really into it for the country, pride, justice, blah blah (all bullshit anyway) but the alleged money.

    Why are these butthurt shitheads so eager to defend them and down-vote anyone that does not want to lick their ass clean with their tongues?


    Because elitist faggots are always going to overrule.

    It’s ironic that my comment got 2 thumbs up.

    Anyways, my point is, most of the world is a bunch of smug panzy ass boner biting dick fart fuckfaces who enjoy the smell of their own farts.

    They don’t realize that they are a disease and spreading themselves, and the people who follow them are the disease being spread.

    Just ignore it.

    I dealt with this shit at my job.

    A bunch of fucking social whores who only do what everyone else is doing because they have no mind of their own.

    Fucking zombies.


    “How about you get your hand out of our pockets and get a real job?”

    That is the one line in that pic that I do agree with, If you apply it to the True God Empress of Welfare Queens – Our elected officials on Capitol Hill.


    I disagree, but I laughed. Then I got sad. Thought about my friend who got dumped out of a helicopter. Medic is a goddamn rough job.


    Well FUCK YOU ASSHOLE. Without our military men and women, your ass will be in a shit hole and no running water like rest of 3rd world country.


    After 6 years in the Air Force, I cannot endorse this as accurate. I can, however, laugh at it anyway.


    I actually agree in part and my brother is in the army. So many times you hear about people that join the military and then whine and cry when they’re called to actually go DO something. As if they only joined for the free ride. The people that actually WANT to protect their country and aren’t going to whine and cry that “oh shit, I have to go serve for realz now.” I have respect for… the people that join and then get all upset the first time they’re actually called upon to DO something can stfu.


    The only reason piece-of-shit turd burglars like this get to post crap like this is because of freedoms guaranteed by the same people they are bashing.

    He must not be able to man-up and grow a pair.


    I do endorse the opinions present on this picture. I just thought it was pretty funny.
    Seriously, you nationalistically indoctrinated drama queens, soldiers and their costume clubs can go to hell. If they actually did their job, then it’d at least something proper. But as it is? Bull le shite, they’re wasting their lifetime and they don’t deserve any honours for it.


    Hey casemods!
    Look, someone you can go play with. Isn’t that sweet.

    That or have a flame war with. Either way we win.


    How typical of a child to think only of competition.

    At least you don’t have a custom avatar.

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