Candy Cross

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I found these at the dollar store today. I’m not sure what’s a bigger affront to your lord, these things, or easter.

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    At least these are cross shaped, Jesus didn’t come from an egg. But raptor Jesus did!


    Easter is no affront. It’s a vivid reminder of the Church’s ability to assimilate traditions and cultures in it’s attempt to blot out all other religions.

    The rabbit, the eggs, the bright colors… all part of pagan fertility celebrations of the springtime. Using these icons for Easter is like holding the severed head of your enemy high over the battlefield.


    That’s what I said!

    Luke Magnifico

    Those actually look pretty delicious.

    Catherine Longfellow

    inb4 WBBC claims these are ‘homo-crosses’ and burn them.

    Catherine Longfellow

    inb4 WBBC claims these are ‘homo-crosses’ and burns them.


    Only bothers Catholics and/or those who follow the assclown Pope. A TRUE Christian doesn’t care what the Pope thinks.

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