Sipho Mabona can fold paper better than you.

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Sipho was the first-ever foreigner to be invited to the Japan Origami Academic Society (JOAS) Convention in 2008 and his work graced the cover of the official magazine.

‘The time it takes to make each piece differs from figure to figure.
‘The quickest would probably be a Koi carp, but even that takes me around one hour to fold.
‘On the other hand for things like the praying mantis I took 20 hours of solid folding.

‘But designing the models is what takes quite some time usually. That can be anywhere from a day to six months of off and on work.

‘I sell my work for prices for a single piece range anywhere from 300 to 2,500 swiss francs, or £1,500.

‘All representational models are made from one single uncut square of paper. Some abstract models are folded from one uncut rectangle.’

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    Whoa, I actually thought the praying mantis was real, until I scrolled down to the second one. Incredible.

    “All representational models are made from one single uncut square of paper.”



    I did too. The degree of difficulty on that one must be very high.




    Jesus damn Christ.

    tiki god

    I dig the sharks, they look cool


    agreed on the shark deal. now i want them all over my cell.


    That’s just fucking amazing.


    Pretty sure those are Koi fish, not sharks.


    This dude cannot be the first foreigner to be accepted into the Japan Origami Academic Society. Ever heard of Robert Lang? Famous American origami artist? Check out his work. He’s a foreigner as well, and I”m sure with his skills in the past, he’s been accepted into the JOAS as well.

    If you liked this, check out for Robert Lang’s page, and for Joseph Wu’s origami. Both of them are on-par, if not better than this guy.

    By the way, I’m an active origami artist myself, I’ve been practicing for about 15 years now.


    It mentions ‘invited’, ‘acceptance’ is different. I was a member of it a few years ago. All I had to do was send them my membership dues.

    He’s good But I’ve seen better. Brian Chan would easily give him a run for his money on the bugs alone.

    BTW I am also an origami artist. What type of models do you fold? It’s not a yardstick, but as of posting this I have been folding for 33 years.

    Some of mine:

    And no, I haven’t been invited to JOAS.


    I’m speechless. The dragon is absolutely gorgeous. Why don’t you submit these to M[c]S so that they get the exposure they deserve? And include a link to your flickr.


    His Koi does look a lot like Robert’s, and his style is similar.