A Boy and his Blob – Part 1

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    Whoa, a remake of this?

    I remember playing this on NES so many years ago. And sucking at it.


    YEAH, I can’t wait.

    They said its going to be just as hard as the original.

    Dj. DreamStar

    in what system is this coming out on


    It’s for the Wii, unfortunately.

    Dj. DreamStar

    God damm it
    this game look so sweet
    I wish it would come out on PC so I can download it


    I would like to hope there will be a PC port in the future, it would do quite well.

    But I fear it may not happen. Luckily since its not a straight up Nintendo release, it could happen.

    Dj. DreamStar

    hopefully that will happen
    when does this game gonna come out?

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