time-travelling incest is still incest

time-travelling incest is still incest

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    But, if you went back in time to a day *before* your mom gave birth to you, she isn’t technically your mom yet, so it isn’t incest, right?

    I mean, if you consider that the act of you fucking or making love to a woman who could potentially be your mother, or is the mother of a you in a different timespace, could change that timeline and prevent that woman from ever becoming “your” mother, meanwhile, the woman from *your* timeline, who is certainly your mother, remains unincested.

    Not that I want to fuck my mom or anything.


    i think you’re good, bro

    unless your mom’s name is Lucca


    Most places don’t consider first cousins incest. Most places allow you to marry first cousins (the US allows it, but you have to get the court’s permission first – Japan allows it without permission of any kind). The Australians just finished a study that showed children of first cousins have no different rates of birth defects than the general population.


    What/Where is Austrailia?


    What if a guy goes back in time and has sex with himself, would that be incest?


    Or masturbation?


    I don’t know, it kind of difficult calling a dick up the ass “masturbation”.


    How would you decide who receives?


    It doesn’t matter. Either way, you “both” receive.


    I think this may actually be a reference to the Robert A. Heinlein book, Time Enough For Love. The last part of the book has the main character (now several thousand years old) travel back in time, interested in seeing his original family and the earth of his youth. After meeting his mother for the first time he nearly leaves right then and there because he realized that like a damned fool, he’s fallen in love with his own mother and that the attraction was indeed mutual. Of course I could be wrong

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