Miracle Laurie

Miracle Laurie


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    I don’t know how I feel about that bra but she is gorgeous.

    Karatesaurus Rex

    It’s usually best to place both hands over the breasts completely, making sure the nipple is basically centered in the palm of your hand and give a gently squeeze, as if you were testing an orange then let your hands slide downwards trailing your fingers across it to the stomach. At least that’s how I used to feel a bra. Nowadays, there’s a lot more begging and making deals, but hey, that’s longterm marriage…


    Ahaha, you make it sound like a real art. Who tests oranges though? I’ve never tested oranges, or boobs for that matter. Maybe I should start doing that, I feel educated enough now.


    You never feel, for one reason or another, your own breasts while wearing a bra? (I don’t like the word “boob(s)” so I either use breast(s) or tit(s).)

    Also, who is this Miracle Laurie?


    Yeah but that doesn’t count. And that’s funny, I don’t like the term breast because it sounds so cold, and “tits” makes me think of porn. Boobs is an amazing word though, what’s not to like. It makes me think of “blob” which is neat as well.


    True. “Tits” does sound porn-ish. It also sound like “teats” which I guess it could be derived from since teats are what’s on cows or any other milk producing animal. Hate making a direct comparison between a woman and a farm animal.

    I guess “boobs”is ok except your reference to “blob” makes it sound like boobs (or breasts) are nothing but fun bags of fat….oh, wait…I guess that’s all they are! lol


    Yeah… breasts are clinical and tits are sleazy, but boobs are fun! 😀

    lemon floor wax

    Sweater puppies, mams, fun bags, milk jugs…I’ll stick with boobs. Yup, boobs are fun!


    My technique is rather similar, except with the addition of peanut butter and a foot massage.

    Catherine Longfellow

    I prefer “Sweater Kittens” 😀

    But seriously, who?


    She plays Mellie on Dollhouse.

    tiki god

    also plays my wife in my dreams

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