official story vs fan fiction

official story vs fan fiction


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    Both are plagarisms of earlier, equally-fictitious stories


    I smiled. Very funny.

    : Stop trolling Senator


    same as the first five books of bible; Gensis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, & Deuteronomy. Torah is part of Christianity just as it is part Judaism.


    It’s all Bullshit….


    Nobody else thinks this is funny? Really?


    No. King James ruined my second most favourite book, he can suck woodlousedick for all I care.

    And no I’m not religious but literature is serious business. If the Torah were The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951), King James would be Scott Derrickson.


    Yes it’s quite the burn !

    But the missing books and wingnuts make it hard to laugh some times.
    Maybe we need a Phantom Menace reference here…lol


    whats JPS?

    teezy weezy

    Which is better, star wars or star trek? both fictional shite.


    Book of Mormon is a fanfic, remember?

    Catherine Longfellow

    People who cling to their Bibles remind me of club kids.
    You don’t pay attention to the words, have no idea where the source was remixed from and think the one you know is the “original” or “better” version even though it’s just a song that’s been covered, translated and re-editted for different cultures for years.

    Same crap, different era.


    Stupid woman. Woodlice have no dicks.


    I laughed at it.


    jewish Torah, Christian bible
    all judaic bullshit, just told differently


    dieAntagonista. I was unaware you read Greek/Latin. I do not; he might have done better if he had not used a version of English that was out of date when he had the book written.

    Oh well….


    Pagans are so much cooler. Greek, Roman, Pacific Islander, Native American, Norse, Japanese, Chinese Fuuuck Yeah! Instead of some dude being a pussy and letting jews crucify you, pussy! Plus people these days never try very hard to follow the religion, I have met a small few humble Christians worthy of respect.

    Why can’t Jews, Muslims and Christians all just get along? For religions preaching peace, there is so much blood on their hands. I also don’t get the whole abortion is wrong, but if you send all your children to war? Tad bit hypocritical. Just my 2 cents.


    The Torah is considered unchanged, the Bible.. well…

    fracked again

    True story? No. At least no more than Harry Potter is a true story. But yeah, the rest is fanfic.

    fracked again

    Shit. Official story. Need moar sleep.


    Fuck your false gods. Horus is the true savior of mankind!


    Commenter guys, what about all that shit in between the Torah and the New Testament?

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