1997 Suzuki GS500E

Photo on 2009-09-22 at 20.23.jpg (81 KB)

Bought it today, learning how to ride this weekend. My mother isn’t pleased.

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    Fuck Yea dude! make sure you do stunts! Internet peer pressure is onto you!


    She just doesn’t want you riding it in the house.


    Mothers are like that, but funny how they always know someone who was killed on a bike but never say I knew somone who was killed in a car when you get your first car.
    Anyway mate take it easy watch out for all the other idiots on the road and enjoy the experience of life on a bike.


    Tell her you’ll let her ride it. That should make things ok with her.


    Enjoy. Riding is one of the funnest things ever.


    i can tell you how to please your mom if it’s an issue



    don’t wear laced shoes!
    the laces get tangled in the footpegs then you can’t put your foot down in time at the lights and you fall over and a truck squashes you!

    Kik Dogg


    Isn’t it cute!!!


    Oh you’re going to be a donor. How nice of you.


    Oh you’re going to be a donor. How nice for you.


    well you got the helmet. Now real pants and boots and you will be good to go.


    Good choice for a first bike. Always wear protection. Always ride like the cars are trying to kill you. Never hang in a blind spot, keep in sight of their mirrors, etc. If you have zero experience, find the local Motorcycle Safety Foundation and take their introductory course. Go to the bookstore and pick up a book on riding basics. Learn about countersteering. Learn proper braking technique. But most of all, enjoy.


    Riding BMX for years FTW


    THE FRONT BREAK IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. Unless you are going down hill, still you only tap it or when going very slow.


    Don’t take braking advice from someone who can’t spell “brake.”


    i concur. the front brake is most DEFINITELY your friend. 70% of your braking ability comes from your front brake.


    Older bikes aren’t engineered very well, ESPECIALLY pre-2000.

    Anyways have fun on your $500 bike!


    if you’re ever in the eastern north carolina area, give a post on here or something and we’ll go ride!


    So, from the posts here I take it that you don’t need a specific motorcycle license to ride one of these in USA?

    Here, in Denmark, you need to do the whole procedure again with driving lessons and theory lessons to be allowed to ride a motorcycle. And there even are two size classes, with the larger one (anything above 125 cc) requiring you to be over 21 to get the license.


    Class M

    Motorcycles and motor-driven cycles are included in this class. An applicant must be at least 17 years of age in order to get a Class M license, but is not required to possess a Class C license before applying for this license.



    You should get a job with the DMV and make fake driver licenses for friends.

    lemon floor wax

    I think you have to be older than 12 to work at the DMV.


    I’d never ride a motorcycle just because so many people around here don’t seem to have a clue they’re there. In fact I sometimes wonder if all the stupid shit I see motorcycles doing (wheelies, etc) is just so the other drivers will notice them. But hey, your funeral, right? 😛

    lemon floor wax

    Looks like a good ride. Enjoy, be safe, wear a helmet, etc. 😉


    Try the state safety courses first, the one I had to attend for the Navy in Jacksonville was pretty decent…but that was 17 years ago. If you have ridden a bicycle, the basics of steering and braking are the same, you just have a LOT more power at your disposal to get into trouble with. Keep in mind my favorite Dirty Harry quote:” A man’s got to know his limitations.” and you will be fine. See you at the Fire and Ice someday.

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