Grammatik Macht Frei

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    Ich not sprachen das german.


    Sprechen sie kein deutsch, mein frëund?


    No, I speak german, not this deutsch thing.
    And I am not your friend you deutsch speaking baster.


    Deutschland über alles!!!


    Ketchup über Alles!


    Almost seems like this on your screen is just as dangerous for yor job as a tree that looks like a cock’n’balls, or a cave that looks like a pussy. NSFW? I think so.

    Billy Manic

    “yor job” IT’S ‘YOUR’ NOT YOR, ASSRETARD.
    I kid, I kid.


    Du stipid joo, sut du joo mouth.


    That was a mistake, I usually spell it “yer”


    Love it.


    Aw yeah, you know it’s true. Hoch lebe das Alphabet!


    Deutsch Grammatik macht mann verrückt… wie DieA. Sie sind immer verrückt.

    ‘Sup, D? You back in school?


    Not yet, or quasi yes but I need to make some major decisions first.

    What are you talking about man, German grammar is perfection. It’s almost as beautiful as mathematics, I mean yeah German sounds ugly compared to English but the grammar is nearly flawless. I mean we have what, a grammar reform every 2 years? They’re trying to kill the ß right now though, which makes me kind of sad.

    So. What about you Mister C to the K.


    I have no problems with the ß, and would not mind it replacing the “ss” entirely.

    Now this shifting of the verb in certain subordinating clauses… that drives me bat-shit crazy. The rules on application of Dativ vs. Akusativ vs. Genetiv for prepositions has also generated much anger.

    But I will forget all of this within the next few hours. The local Volksfest kicks off… right about now. Which means that I will soon have a Maßkrug in hand and Viel Schlager will be heard.

    Good times.


    We’re sinking, we’re sinking …


    LOL, that advertisement is just great. A relative of mine once said to a shopkeeper who asked her if she wanted to buy something “No no, I`m just cooking”. The English guy was a bit startled, but what can you do about these crazy Germans.

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