Shinkansen Bullet Trains

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    Billy Manic

    Spy vs. Spy


    We really do need this to come to the U.S.

    Fast, reliable inter-city travel without taking off your shoes and leaving your water bottle at home.

    It’ll put the airlines to shame.


    If we shifted to primarily train travel, I imagine luggage restrictions would follow. That said, it would be safer. You can’t divert a train to a new destination very easily.


    They look like some kind of strange cyber worm whale. I enjoy driving in crappy, rattling trains but I’d rather drive in a cyber worm whale I think. Maybe if the conductors could levitate through the train and read my mind to check if I really bought a ticket in case I can’t find it.

    Snarky Parker

    The three years I was stationed in Japan I never rode one, just the commuter trains. I did, however, ride the express trains in Korea, but nowhere as snazzy looking as the bullet trains.

    And jadechimrea, I like the way you think…


    Same here. Lived there for years but never rode one. My dad said it’s pretty expensive to ride one but I hear the trip is quiet and seamless.


    Remember, the Cylons look like trains now.


    We won’t see wide-spread adoption of high speed trains in the US… the country’s too big and it’d be way too expensive.


    While this is true, regional trains (such as between the major Texas cities, the major Californian areas, etc) do make some amount of sense. Again the expense is limiting, and you know the airline industry will try to shut it down.

    We were damn close to having something like this in Texas, but it fell through. I was really looking forward to getting down to Austin with such little trouble.



    T.G. Fisher

    What more proof do you need that the JAPS won World War II? Or maybe it’s proof that since 1945 Americans have just sat on their lethargic asses and played fiddle-dick.

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