american gun nut

american gun nut

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    It’s actually pretty small.


    His dick? You’re probably right.


    In my simple little world, he’s watching Jon Steward rip on Sarah Palin..


    “Holy crap, Gun Nut, thieves are breaking into your house!”
    “Well, I’ll just take a gun and shoot them. Now, which one to use…”
    *10 minutes of indecision*
    “Gun Nut, you took too long, the thieves have stolen all your guns!”


    Actually he’s sitting on the thief with the barrel of his pistol against his head getting ready to pull the trigger.


    Maybe the thief just shot him through the window before he could do anything about it.


    Sweet! He’s watching Glenn Beck!


    America is such a young country and we are already giving up. Large arms cache + avidly watching Glenn Beck + stupid pink couch = Giving up.


    Ok, call me a n00b, but I don’t get it…

    I can see, maybe, the Glenn Beck bit, but he’s “giving up” also on account of being armed and having poor taste in interior decor?


    Did anyone else notice that he foolishly fortified in front of a window? Silly gun nut, you’re sooo getting sniped and/or mortar’d.


    YES “My point is that a handgun’s convenience when put to good uses is heavily outweighed by its convenience when put to bad ones. A handgun can be concealed easily, and it can be tossed down a sewer drain without attracting much notice. The barrel can be used to break a snitch’s jaw. If it’s easier for a woman to handle, imagine how much easier it is for a 4-year-old child. It can be twirled on a table when you want to play Russian roulette. It can be used to caress a woman, as various witnesses attested in Phil Spector’s… Read more »


    Just a little staged.


    This man is obiviously a left wing liberal extremist nut who is repeatedly watching the YouTube video of Obama saying that:
    “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”


    I’m not accusing, just asking. Are you deliberately trolling or is this accidental, incidental B-movie comedy?

    At what level of crazy do you have to be to see a guy surrounded by guns and a US flag behind him watching Glenn Beck and say, “Oh, looks like a left-winger”?


    You’ll have to use smaller one syllable words. I don’t think he has a lot of brain cells.


    That’s your problem;you don’t think.


    Here’s what I see:
    I see an Obot heeding his masters call to arms and watching the “enemy” Glenn Beck on TV and getting armed up so he can be a member of YOUR Civilian National Security Force.

    At what level of retardation do you have to be to be a left wing liberal fuctard?


    You didn’t answer my question. 🙂


    All these beautiful firearms, and what does he put front and center? A Rosary, A bible, and an emergency rescue prybar thingy… go figure.


    America! Fuck yeah!!


    all dem toys and still does not look happy. mebbe he needs a good american built HD flatscreen and DVR……if they even exists. Damn you
    communist countries and your beautiful widescreen displays.


    Nut he is not. Sane American guy he is. Watch moar tv he must.


    Uhm.. This guy is a tad weird… Why would put just the frame from an AR-15 in the picture? Then right beside it you have another AR-15 with a stock on it, but no barrel or foregrip… Plus the bible and rosary totally ruin it…


    I think he is modeling all of his gun paraphernelia… As Nyokki pointed out, this is clearly just a *wee bit* staged…


    *paraphernalia*… dagnabbit can’t spell this morning…


    one blackcat never made such an awesome fireworks finaly