Worf’s Facepalm

worf face palm

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    Ok, did Tiki just discover the wide wonderful world of animated images? And why block other sites from linking to images here? Is it really taking up that much bandwidth? I can’t even do a tineye search.

    tiki god

    what are you even talking about I don’t even know.


    Maybe the problem is just caused by the other sites as seeing this one time out…it’s been really slow for me lately (at home, at work, etc). Anytime I access your site or have some other site try to access yours, such as posting a link to an image at facebook or tineye.com they can’t access your site. I thought it was a deliberate thing but maybe it’s just how slow the site has been lately. Even just browsing your site it can take up to a minute or two to go to load the page or go to the… Read more »

    tiki god

    man, I have no clue what you’re even trying to talk about. is it an STD? did you sleep with the wrong person?