Stewie has a machine gun

stewie has a machine gun

any idea what kid of gun that is?

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    Joeseph Goebbels

    It’s a Grease Gun. A crude imitation of the mp40 my you yanks.


    Actually it was because it was cheaper to manufacture than the Thompson. Fired the same cartridge, slapped together with stamped metal parts. Not a rip off, just a gun that looks similar. If you’re going to accuse the American armed forces for stealing German weapon designs you could have chosen a lot better examples. (Me-262 -> F-86 Sabre; MG42 -> M60)

    Joeseph Goebbels


    (also congrats to Tiki for making the site slower than it already was)


    That’s obviously a tech 9…

    Cop killers are they were referred to back in the 90’s. (may still be)

    Teflon coated bullets would go right through the bullet proof vests.

    And it’s a machine pistol.