sexy cosplayer

sexy cosplayer

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    Best rei cosplay ever. No exceptions. Sauce?


    Seconded – it’s like she’s stepped out of the anime!


    Actually a quality crafted costume, looks like. What anime?


    she’s from Evangelion or Eva for short.

    and om nom nom…


    Neon Genesis Evagelion to be precise. Some stores might have it in the N’s instead of the E’s. The director of this series had just gotten out of the nut-house when he worked on this… and it shows. Reviews vary widely (and wildly) from “complete crap” to “utter genius”. You’ll have to watch it yourself as this is one series that simply cannot be decided by reviews or friends’ opinions. Most people, however, do agree that the last few episodes suck… including the director, who was so upset at how the last couple episodes turned out that he insisted on not just one, but two movies to try to do a better job of ending the series. Opinions on the movies are just as varied as on the series, but most think the movies are better than the episodes they replace.


    Errr… Correction. The last few episodes, AKA the last two, were not directed by Anno like the other 24. Thats why he made the other 2 movies. The first movie was of two parts – the first part being a recount of the first 24 episodes, and the second being the first half of the actual movie. The second movie was the first and second halves to the movie. The movie was Anno’s way to quell the fans’ want for more after the WTF ending, and he gave them another WTF ending, leaving debate of whether the movie was going on before, after, or during the last two episodes, or if it was an alternate ending.

    TL;DR? Director went crazy in the middle of the series, then couldnt finish the series, someone else took over the last two, and later director released the movies to answer questions.

    And if you havent seen the series, its worth your time, even if you hate the ending.


    Some of these cosplayers do this stuff for the attention factor…I’m sure they all do. But, few have the talent to pull it off.


    id flip her over and stick it in her.


    i’ll just leave this here:

    “On a scale of one to ten, I’d stick it in her butt.”


    The costume is superb, but the girl’s face looks rather masculine.


    Costume is great. As an Eva fan, this is tasteful. Rei was always an out of character sort.

    Alec Dalek

    It’s refreshing to see a cosplayer that’s the correct weight for the character they’re dressed up as.

    fracked again

    Very nice. Hair could be more blue, but otherwise, spot on. That’s one CMILF (cloned mom I’d like to fuck).


    Looks like Elijah Wood in a wig to me. He has a vagina too so the mild cameltoe makes sense.


    I was under the impression that the organizers of these events often payed third parties, many of whom have no idea what the animes/mangas are, to go to the conventions they are organizing and just sorta, mooch about, in costumes. Not as a deception thing, but more as to get people more stoked.

    And it would also explain the good looking cosplayers

    Because girls into this shit arent that good looking.

    tiki god

    I’ve never heard of such a thing before. do you have any proof to back up this ridiculous claim?


    Look at comic-cons the world over and game expos too – you think booth babes give a shit about what they’re promoting? 😛

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