Empire Star Craft

Empire Star Craft

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    Either could destroy a star trek ship.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Ha! Like Yoda said, size matters not. The Executor was taken out by a couple of one man fighters. Here’s how the TNG episode would go down. DATA: It appears that the enemy ship’s deflector shields are being generated by an external device on the superstructure. LAFORGE: If we programmed a barrage of photon torpedoes to sequentially target their shield and command structure, we could take down their whole ship in a single salvo. PICARD: Make it so. Afterwards Picard would give a speech about how having a meritocratic society where everyone can contribute is superior to one or two… Read more »

    Then somehow col. O’Neill comes, gets in to enterprise and blows it up.


    Followed by Predator coming outta no where to seriously fuck some couch.


    And then 20 base stars appear and nuke everything in a very large area.


    Then, owing to a terrible miscalculation of scale, the fleet is swallowed by a small dog.


    Reboot wins.