Wyoming Speed Limit

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You worried the fast cars will spook your love making with your sheep?

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    Al CaPwn

    Ladies, feel free to keep on speeding.


    Your grammar makes me cry.


    Lets hope it a purpose.

    Karatesaurus Rex

    Actually, I can kind of sympathize, having grown up in rural farm country, people speed waaaaaay too much. Hell, when I was 15 I got to see a dead 5 and 3 year old child cause their mom was going waaaaay too fast, lost control, clipped a telephone pole and ended up tumbling into our vineyards. Good stuff…

    Would be bitter enough to say thank god, less stupid people out there, but the kids weren’t driving.


    A valid point, and well made.


    If you get caught speeding in Wyoming, expect to pay a hefty ticket, I live in Montana and drove to Denver a few times and I always make sure I use my cruise control. The cops are mean down there. A friend of mine was pulled over just before the Colorado border $180 ticket for going 20 miles over the speed limit, so be warned.


    In New Zealand if you Speed you can get a fine upwards of $120. If they really don’t like you (think that you are a danger on the roads) the police have the power to automatically take your license and impound your vehicle for a month. The Government pays for road signs that say “Slow Down”. Maybe if they used swear words people would pay more attention.


    Some states here too.