Change It Back

Change It Back

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    Yes please change it back to the point where they didn’t make crap songs about “my president is black”.


    Especially when he isn’t.


    Yeeeeah, back to the past.
    SURELY the best idea. Let’s go back to where they voted for a man who lied to them openly….TWICE.

    Proving themselves amongst the most gullible and politically incapable people on earth.


    At least he’s white.


    All politicians are liars no matter what race they are. No matter who is in office we all get screwed.


    So at least let him be white so rapper don’t make stupid songs about the president being black.


    So some twangy country star can sing stupid songs about the president being a cowboy?


    Do you listen to country?

    Do country singers dress like idiots?

    Cmon think about this one…


    I am a white guy, and I’m not a kid.

    That said, I’ll answer you:

    Sometimes I listen to country music.

    Almost all country singers dress like fucking idiots.

    Your point?


    Are you a fucking wigger with no knowledge of American History?




    SKYNET for president. Or, any computer tbh. They understand trial and error.


    Haha, you made funny. 😀


    Interesting note:

    As the Republic Party approval rating sunk to 30% recently, even lower than 34% in ’06, the ratings for Fox News have gone from 1.5 million to 2.5 million.

    So no, no one wants to change it back. Except the crazies who watch Fox News and participate in Teabagging Parties.


    you want someone like bush in office?

    Luke Magnifico

    Clnton was a pretty fly guy.

    Badoodly doo doo deeew dadda dooden doo doo dooooooo


    What has changed? Really? We’re still involved in two wars, the economy is still shit, we still don’t have single-payer healthcare, we still have a president issuing signing statements that say the law may not apply to his branch, we still aren’t investigating the use of torture, we still can have our phones tapped illegally, we still live under the patriot act…



    I’m hopeful that he’s pulling at the wheel, trying to steer us away from the cliff. While I think some things are on the right track, I think that nothing of real value has been accomplished so far. Weigh that against that dumb fucking Dubya’s race to destroy everything and I would still say we’re in a more positive space than we’ve been in since early 2001.


    You’re not wrong, but I think using W as the standard is setting the bar a bit low. All he’d have to do is not commit to a ground war in Asia while not sounding totally retarded and we’d say SUCCESS!
    Obama needs to shit or get off the pot already.


    “All he’d have to do is not commit to a ground war in Asia while not sounding totally retarded and we’d say SUCCESS!”

    After the last eight years, that’s enough.


    Frankly I think that’s abeutolsly good stuff.


    Yes, change it back to the guy who got us in this mess in the first place. The Republican congress was in charge when the economy started crashing, even.


    Actually the Democrats were in control when the economy went down and, as a matter of fact, it was a Replubican Congress that gave Bill Clinton a surplus budget. But since the Democrats are in charge now they can re-write history I guess.


    you need to stop eating the lead paint chips. The Clinton “surplus” was projected, not actual. It was based more than anything else on the dot com boom and the real estate bubble. It wasn’t real. The economy collapsed in early 2001 when Tyco, WorldCom and Enron all stole BILLIONS, which wiped out MILLIONS of people’s retirement savings. Add to that a war that came with a tax cut and the bleeding of the treasury to coffers of incompetent but connected military contractors, and you’re on the right track. As far as the Republican Congress giving that dick Clinton anything,… Read more »