Barak Obama\’s Birth Certificate

Barak Obama's Birth Certificate

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    Honkie 🙂




    Moderately so.



    fracked again

    This is what my brother actually believes.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    If he was born in Kenya in 1961, wouldn’t that make him British? Is this all a plot to reconquer the colonies?

    No, it a plot to take over the world.

    Alec Dalek

    FAIL. Children are all born Atheist. It’s only later that they get brainwashed.


    I believe tiki is a much more intelligent person than birther guys with fake certificates.. So he just posted this as humour. (the information is available on wikipedia..) Fake Kenyan Birth Certificate 1. At the time, Kenya was not a Republic, but a dominion. 2. Mumbasa was in Zanzibar (Persian for Zenci bar, as in, where there are niggers, nigger being the word for “rusted”, a reference to african skin color, lets forget about persian racism for now) 3. No doctor signature 4. The official name on the certificate is a laundry detergent 5. The number 47O44 – obama is… Read more »