why you don’t park in front of fire hydrants

why you don't park in front of fire hydrants

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    I hope they have both water damage in the car AND a ticket.


    Action Taken: Appropriate

    Carry on men.


    Reminds me of “Backdraft” except it was an expensive import that had its windows smashed out.


    those fags could have used the side openings


    Firefighters have to deal with so much bullshit. Actually no they don’t, most the time the they just hurry up and wait. Sit on their asses and have people in the neighborhood bring them free food and drinks. Oh to be a fire fighter.


    Assuming this is real, and there’s no reason to do so, but assuming it is, it looks like, from the fact that the hose actually goes the wrong way, they ignored the fire long enough to screw up a car that wasn’t actually in their way. Doesn’t impress me with their dedication to duty.


    @ natedog: I’m actually surprised you said that, I’ll explain why the “side openings” called “ponies” are less effective then the main opening called a “steamer.” Puulaahi: yeah I agree; Paid Firefighting is a joke job most places; volleys (although occasionally annoying) are usually no less professional (read: yes there are dumb asses, but their are dumbass paid guys to), and cost you a shit ton less money in taxes. And they sit around the firehall just to get anyway from their wives. taustin: There is almost no doubt this is real; I’ve seen similar action taken. Now to address… Read more »


    2 Things: 1) I bet those fuckers left the broken glass all over the street. 2) why don’t they put 2 steamers on hydrants? what if it was a 2-window conversion vans with it’s ass end parked in front of the hydrant?

    3) they should just push those vehicles out of the way with their big trucks.


    What a stupid place to park. Even if you weren’t in the way of an actual fire, the ticket cost is prolly $300+, and no cop (or judge) is gonna let that one slide.


    Nyokki, you hit the nail right on the head! To those arguing against what the fire dept did: The point made here is simple, DON’T PARK IN FRONT OF A HYDRANT! The law is there for a reason whether you agree with it or not. Quit bitching about it! I know it would have taken longer than just busting out the windows but they could have taken the Jaw of Life and cut the van in half if they had wanted. It would have been great if this pic would have had a new Mercedes or an Escalade instead of… Read more »


    @GrandAdmiralThrawn so we are to ignore the fact that there is clearly some sort of coupling device between the hose and hydrant? and that on that device there is what appears to be another place to connect the hose as well as a valve handle to direct the water flow? and that the other connection is 90 degrees to the connection used, so that if it had been used the hose would not have needed to go through the van? I’m not saying that the person that parked in front of the hydrant isn’t a dick…but the firemen were more… Read more »


    Rusty Shackleford: I agree that they should have pushed the car out of the way; I’ve never met a dept that would do it though…. Fire Hydrant design is what it is, even if it was a law that every hydrant built had to have to ponies and two steamers, it would be 50 or 100 years before most places had them. Hydrants are expensive, and they do not get replaced often, Tagging a 30 or 40 or 50 year old hydrant happens everyday. The problem with pushing them is it takes time, and you do need them out of… Read more »