cleaning obama’s giant ear

cleaning obama's giant ear

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    1:1 scale model.


    Looks like Jimmy Carter to me.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Please tell me that’s a joke and they haven’t built a statue of that idiot?

    If that happens all other presidential monuments lose 100% credibility automatically.

    Why exactly? I want to know, honestly.


    Ok so this guy/government is enacting mountains of social programs and social based legislation,(from everything to , buying up industry,ran a campaign with lenin/propaganda style posters, has had his face on magazines every single month before and after his election, A merchandising empire has risen around him, has constant media coverage, his wife is on the cover of every fashion magazine, he has a global following, a stunning influence over the house and senate, AND NOW HE HAS A HUGE FUCKING STATUE THAT IS BEING BUILT DURING THE FIRST YEAR OF HIS FIRST TERM. But there is no cult of… Read more »


    Ok so i did some quick research. Apparently this statue is going up in Presidents Park and our past 43 presidents are there as well. I still stand by most of what i said but i stand corrected in the assumption that this was in the same vein as a statue of lenin, hussein, or Il.


    Actually it doesn’t look that much like Socialist Realism. Granted building a statue in the first term before he’s done much of anything is a bit much. I don’t know why so many people get butt hurt that so many Americans are actually enthusiastic about their president for a change. I didn’t see hardly any Republicans bitching like this when the Supreme Court decided that their decision applied to Bush, and only Bush, nevermind the whole idea of setting precedent or wiping your ass with the constitution.. And all your criticisms can equally be applied to someone on the other… Read more »

    I happen to like the Lenin statue in my neighborhood, you capitalist running dog!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    When they’re sabotaged by predatory capitalism disguised as anything else its no that its stopped working so much as its been attacked. And you’re sick of seeing people who haven’t jumped on the band wagon and have their eyes open to the fact that you’re being lead around by your stupidity (as a country)? Think about how the people who aren’t brainwashed feel. I mean Bush bashing? Way to go against the grain, freedom fighter lol. There…that’s for you. People get a “butt hurt” about Americans actually being enthusiastic about their president because you shouldn’t be. You don’t have… Read more »


    People are enthusiastic about politics everywhere, Its just people like to feel patriotic in some way, and having something to hold on to that is a flaming load of shit is important, specially here in America. Personally i wouldn’t say that i am a huge Obama fan, but he isn’t stupid(compared to a lot of Americans), and i feel he is competent enough to at least have a chance to do something good for the country. Now i am not going to sculpt a statue, but just as long as I’m not paying for that statue, i don’t mind if… Read more »

    Who says I’m brainwashed? You? I’m sure someone else out there considers you brainwashed too. See how easy it is to throw that word around? You’re only using it to invalidate any opinion that might not be yours. I’m pretty sure everyone says to themselves “I’m not brainwashed, I’m one of the smart ones!” Truth is, everyone is, so the point is moot. I merely reference high school to show how idiotic some people behave and I’m automatically still in it? And you’re criticizing my logic? I didn’t like Clinton either. I hate Democrats just as much as I hate… Read more »

    Not everyone is brainwashed. Its possible to rise above conditioning. Difficult and more difficult daily but possible. That’s what my TV told me anyway. Far as I can see people thought the sky was falling then and think its now raining sunshine because their savior has been reborn now. Its sickening. I mean they gave the guy’s wife a Jackie O haircut for Christs sake. Ah well. I think we’re on the same page anyway and I apologize for jumping to conclusions but I make an assumption based on the norm here and elsewhere about the direction of the collective… Read more »

    fracked again

    Considering that you don’t seem to know what communism and socialism are, I’d suggest you rethink that pot re: kettle memo. Oh yeah, and I’d say you are brainwashed, but it didn’t clean out enough shit to do any good.

    Your Friend,

    fracked again

    Shit, that was mostly meant for lotuseater, but the brainwashed thing still fits.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ya you make up your own definition of both terms and then tell everyone else they’re wrong.

    Welcome to the fucking tarded, blind left wing voter.


    I admit that I find he idea of a President’s Park disturbing. It’s putting the President before the people who voted them in. Who is president shouldn’t be that important. I never cared much who was president; I’m more interested in the Congress and Senate. It’s those morons that need to go. The clearly don’t understand what their job is.


    This and more… Makes me wish there was a term limit for serving in Congress.