fuck y’all I’m from texas

fuck y'all I'm from texas

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    I’m sorry to hear that.

    Nemo Intermundorum

    Hahaha….oh man, there’s only one way to be sure… from orbit.


    I’d hit it with the Lone Star bitch


    She does have a point.
    If your not from Texas you can go fuck your-self.


    it’s “you’re”, as in you’re an idiot. oh, and “yourself”, not “your-self”. if hyphens frighten and confuse you, just stay away from them, dude. wow, texan+grammar=FAIL


    Only two things come from Texas (three if you include 500lb women).

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    This is accurate. Texans will fuck anyone.


    I can tell you this, Texas has the hottest bitches around. I think the intense heat has driven most women around here to wear barely anything. And that is WIN no matter how you look at it…


    accept more than half of them are part of the fucking bible belt. UGH.


    except. unless you’re willing to accept (receive) a kick in the teeth for your dumbassness. although i agree with your statement otherwise, so i’m torn. i’ll settle the dilemma over beer.


    Texas does have the hottest chicks. Reboot – NO, Texas girls won’t fuck everyone. They don’t fuck Yankee pale faggots. I have had the honor of fucking a lot of Texas girls and the horrible experience of fucking northern girls. I wouldn’t leave here for anything.


    This would be closer to the mark: www.tshirthell.com/shirts/products/a704/a704.gif


    Every Texan I’ve ever met has been convinced Texas is the greatest country on Earth.


    It’s actually the universe.


    ROFLwaffles. That is so true.
    And for the record, Texans who believe Texas is the greatest blah blah blah can suck it. I’ll stick with the fruits and nuts of California any day. Oh, and so you know, Cali chics are hotter, IMHO, even if they are 50% plastic. Ha!

    I mess with Texas.


    I can’t believe that none of you low-brow, no-neck, toothless, inbred, mouth-breathing, good for nothing redneck trailer trash Texans have brought up the whole ‘We were a country’ BS yet..

    Losers, posers, and cretins



    you know the difference from a guy from the north and a guy from the south?

    a guy from the south walks up and sticks it in, a guy from the north sticks it in and walks up


    Texas rocks – everyone else can go fuck themselves.


    Wow, one blonded bimbo from Texas and the room’s IQ and Maturity tanks…Win is in the air !


    srsly…TX or GTFO


    NO, it goes: srsly…GTFO of TX. if it is such a great place why to so many texans leave the god-forsaken place??? answer me that.


    I swear someone has been visiting my flickr and posting all my pics as of late… but yes Texan girls are the hottest, tooo bad I married a Californian, and “Fuck Y’all, I’m from Texas”


    also, it’s the south in general that has the hot chicks, not just TX. i have also seen several yankee chicks who are hot. hotness lives everywhere, but it’s main home is in the south!!


    I have not noticed a trend in people leaving Texas. In fact, in Houston the majority of people coming from out of state are from the North East. No sauce then go fuck yourself.


    Not a fan of Texas. But I have met some pretty awesome people from Texas on the interwebs. There are some fine women from Texas too. I can attest to this from this photo but more from work. I mess with Texas too.

    Also I’d fuck her.


    Well up north, our blonds are natural, but whatever.

    What I notice most about Texans is that they seem to think that their place of residence is a discussion point. The T-shirt she’s wearing is a case in point. It’s almost like they’re walking around saying, “I’m from Texas, wanna make something of it?” and the rest of us Americans are just kind of taken aback and thinking, “Um, make WHAT of it? How is this relevant?”

    I mean seriously, I’ve lived in Louisiana, and I’ve lived in Minnesota. I’m love MN and am proud to be a resident, but I don’t make a big deal about it. It’s like every resident of Texas has this complex where they think people spend their free deriding Texas and thus they have to go out of their way to defend its honor. It’s not just regionalism, as the rest of the south isn’t like this (and frankly, if you want states that are unfairly maligned, much of the south other than Texas fit the bill a lot better). It’s like the guy who has the total small-penis-overcompensation personality, but then one day you meet him in the locker room and discover he’s completely average. You just walk away from these Texans-with-a-chip-on-their-shoulder-about-it types and wonder, “what the fuck is that all about?”

    Fortunately, Texas’s least favorite export, G. W. Bush, is quickly fading from memory, so hopefully Texas’s spot in our cultural consciousness will again fade back into that, “some state other than the one where I live” status, and maybe they will stop thinking they have so much to prove.


    That’s the thoughtful and insightful reply that I should have written. But these are the internets and the internets are for the anonymous ventings of spleen.

    The chip on the shoulder thing is exactly spot on, overcompensating more so, and as for ex-Presidents the less said the better.


    Texans aren’t the only ones who do that…and they are nowhere near as Californians are about it. For some reason Californians seem to think they invented or started everything in the US. I get looked down upon for being from the south, but every southern state is above California in education with California coming in at 49th just ahead of Hawaii.
    Also, Californians can’t drive for shit. I’ve driven in 45 states and this is the only state in which I always have to pass on the right. Those “Slower traffic keep right” signs seem to confuse the people here.


    Texas should be it own country. I would move back. Some of the nicest people I’ve ever meet.

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