shreaded tire

shreaded tire

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    Luke Magnifico

    How does this even happen?


    By driving on it while it’s flat.


    More to it than that. Note it’s on a semi. Tires on semis tend to get like that after they’ve blown out. A lot of damage has already been done to the tire at that point, and it shreds fast. You have to run on it a little bit to get someplace safe to pull over. Blowouts tend to happen from either letting the tread wear down too far, over-airing the tire and/or running on it while it’s too hot, running too fast too often ( Usually just when combined with other causes ), or letting a leak go unfixed… Read more »

    Tattooed Blondie



    not just shredded. SHREADED.


    I’m sorry Tyger, that does not look like any rig I’ve driven. It does look like a delivery van or bus tho’. And any smart pro driver won’t let it get that way for the sake of others.