I suck at life

I suck at life

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    Gotta do what ya Gotta Do! Deciseiveness! I’m not perfect.


    And whoever wrote this sucks at life enough that they don’t know it’s “a hero” and not “an hero.”


    Become an hero immediately.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Look up.

    See that? That’s the joke.

    Die, it’s not a joke.




    Sorry Wanderer, proper English considers it as ‘an hero’.


    No, no it doesn’t, but thanks of playing, please try our home game.

    Proper grammar is “a hero”. The only time that you would say “an” in front of something is when the “h” would be silent, like “an hour”, which is pronounced like “an our”.

    As for “An Hero,” it looks like it’s a meme I was unaware of. See encyclopediadramatica.com/An_hero


    This should have been an hiaku


    I hate when people put an before an H word where the H is pronounced e.g. an historic event. It just sounds stupid. Now if you were an English twat that couldn’t pronounce your H’s then, by all means, use an. An should only be used before words that start with a vocal sound, e.g. an hour.


    I hate when people don’t know what something actually means.

    Lurk moar, then an hero, kippen!


    I was just making a comment in general…something that’s weighed heavily on my chest. maybe you should commit suicide and become an hero too if you don’t like my comment.


    It ain’t a game.

    Do it, faggot.


    Wow, so much hate this morning…
    Is the Fox network down ?
    You folks got nowhere else to turn ???
    A Hero is a concept, not usually a human being…
    But when they are people they are used to promote other mass suicides or efforts in the name of (choose 1)
    Swiss cheese
    Pamela Anderson’s twins

    I do so hate propaganda and its sheeples….

    fracked again

    Somebody stole their ipod. An hero, now.


    …An should only be used before words that start with a vocal sound,…

    Vocal sound? I think you meant a vowel sound.

    I’m feeling gracious tonight so…
    an hero


    Wait. Kippers, you’re saying that this weighed heavily on your chest? You really should an hero.

    Not You

    Yes. You do suck. Explain to me why it’s “AN” HERO and not “A” HERO. Is HERO an acronym here? Are you being archaic and using an with words that start with “h”? Or are you just too stupid and too lazy to read over what you wrote?

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