Bang Bang

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A sexual explosion in color.

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    i always sexually explode in black and white


    sexual explosion in colour? thats racist.


    I think we need some context to know wtf we are looking at.


    Well apparently we’re looking at a very luscious breast which unfortunately is covered by somebody’s hand.


    Bang Bang (1971) The actor of a film being made lives without distinction his own personal reality and his character’s fiction. As the involuntary object of chance and circumstance, he looks for a meaning and way out, while being pursued by outlaws, a magician, a romantic fantasy, a drunk and his own self-image. The humour, the reason of the persecution, situations, personages, set decoration, dialogs and soundtrack (which uses themes from other films) lead us to symbols, metaphors and the refusal of a possible logical narrative, in a way to allow the viewer to experiment a sensation analogous to the… Read more »