Wolverine Cut Off Some Dude’s Head

Wolverine Cut Off Some Dude's Head

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    um.. thatd be… deadpool


    Tiki does that, a lot, to mess with people.


    It still cracks me up every time. People let themselves get trolled way too easy these days.


    I agree. What issue is this?


    deadpool is better’n some dude.


    It’s just a flesh wound. His mouth’ll be running again in a few seconds….


    Deadpool’s taken worse beatings than that and survived.


    Funny thing. Deadpool isn’t allowed to die. Not that he can’t, he’s just forbidden. So that bastard will be back to normal in no time.


    Only Squirrel Girl is powerful enough to wax Mr. Wilson for good.

    tiki god

    didn’t she fuck up thanos or galactus or some shit?

    she is not to be fucked with.

    Dj. DreamStar

    who in holy hell is squirrel girl?
    if she fuck up thanos
    then damm…

    deadpool ftw!


    She’s some furry that can summon squirrels. Somehow this allows her to defeat the greatest villains Marvel has to offer, such as Dr Doom and Thanos. Thanos is also conveniently the reason Deadpool is forbidden to die.


    Yeah, My deadpool underoos were getting in a twist as I said aloud in a sarcastic tone “Some dude ?” But I figured by my fellow deadpool fans would do it justice. And you didn’t disappoint.

    Dj. DreamStar

    that a joke right?
    I mean SHE defeated the great thanos???
    AND DR. DOOM!!!!!!!
    I MEAN


    She supposedly not only fucked up Thanos in a fight that was “off screen”, Uatu the Watcher just happened to be on hand during the fight to confirm that it was actually the honest-to-god Thanos, and not in any way a clone or trick what so ever, who was the one who got his ass royally stomped. Later, in the same god damn issue, “Thanos” claims that it was not him who actually beaten, as the whole fight was merely a test run of a new self-cloning method he had developed that was capable of not only fooling the Watchers,… Read more »


    I’d get pretty mad too if I were a god and was defeated by a girl in a squirrel suit. She is pretty awesome though.

    Dj. DreamStar

    Squirrel Girl is a very cruel joke…

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