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The company that owned the barrels is understandably pissed off, and they want something like $50 for each barrel plus whatever other charges they can scrape up. Those things cost $50?

Also, NC State has AIDS. UNC is better >:(



I hope that he gets to keep his creation after the court case.

Considering the exposure this thing has received, I am sure that he could find a buyer for the thing and make some decent cash.

tiki god

last I heard on NPR was that the company that owned the barrels didn’t want to press charges but wanted to keep the artwork for their office or some shit.




They should give him a scholarship to a good art school.


yea…I always say stuff like that. If a 12 year old kid is smart enough to hack into a school’s computer. Give them a scholarship. Don’t arrest them!


I definitely support this guy, and seriouly, the police should have some better fucking things to do than arrest him and tear cool shit like this down. I don’t see why the company would be really pissed, I’d put it in the office or on the company grounds like tiki god said he heard they were doing. And I think there’s a market for stuff like this too, I’d love to have one of those in my backyard!

Snarky Parker

Exactly: why the fuck would you condemn imagination and creativity? To me (and I’m guessing the rest of you guys) boredom and monotony are eeevil…

fracked again

That would make me drive more carefully through a work zone.


Like Tiki I heard this on NPR and the company doesn’t want to press charges, but if I remember right the barrels were actually $125 (instead of $50) and the “artist” was already on probation for a earlier charge.