Count Dante: Deadliest Man Alive

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1975 Detective Comics

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    I remember these Ads; I took this very course from Count Dante and then eviscerated the master using a super secret lethal disco dance move and my bare hands. Having killed the master, I grew an afro and have become the master, myself! Bwahahahahahahahaa…


    Fucking A!


    The deadliest dude alive is white and has an 8-ball fro?

    That is hardcore.


    Here’s his wikipedia entry. A veritable WTF of a read.

    Tracer del Rey

    An interesting character, no doubt. I see The Count (and the Black Dragon Fighting Society) perform from time to time. The last show I caught, they played their own set, plus backed two other front-men! Count Dante may have a long and strange past, but he and his bandmates are consummate musicians, if not well known….


    I actually still have the book!
    Yes I ordered it out of a comic.

  • Here's a few awesome images!