No Sir, I Don\’t Like It

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    It doesn’t like you.


    From the Nazis taking over France? Remember a lot of pictures of French people crying and making faces like this.. instead of fighting, let’s just stand here and cry :P?


    360,000 dead or wounded, 1,900,000 captured, 2,000 aircraft lost, and 5,100 tanks destroyed over the course of over a month all say that you’re full of shit


    LOL, OFFENSIVE THROUGH THE ARDENNES?! Srsly, the French could have held the Germans at bay for months if they listened to de Gaulle. The French S-35 Somua medium tanks were some of the best in the world (and in the case of infantry suppression, able to knock out Panzer IIs with ease and Panzer IIIs if they were able to sneak up on them. De Gaulle said “Keep the tanks clustered together, it makes them harder to hit.” The local forces were all “LOL, SPREAD OUT!” and the highly trained Panzer crews picked off tank after tank after tank while… Read more »


    Well, yeah, but it definitely didn’t help that the southern French were collaborating with the Germans, who were still pissed over the treaty of Versailles.

    Besides, everything is 20/20 in hindsight. I’m sure at this point there were thinking that they shouldn’t have spent the 19th century attacking country after country with a series of Napoleons. Those idiots did more to damage France as a world power than anything else.

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