Darth Vader, and Storm Troopers with lightsabers?

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    to my knowledge there was one clone who was able to wield the force. It has been re-written that jango was force sensitive though, so I guess it could also be rewritten that they could properly wield sabers.

    tiki god

    Anyone can pick up a light saber, it’s the creation of them that requires special force abilities. It’s always been this way since the first SW movies, for examples please see the scene in which the non-uber Luke picks up the saber in Obiwan’s mudhut or in Empire where Solo uses a saber to open up a Taun Taun to stuff Luke into.


    Agreed, however it is a trivia gem that Han solo is the only non-jedi/sith to be shown wielding a saber. And he does so clumsily, just as Luke was very clumsy with anakin’s saber the first time he ignited it before training. And also, there is the fact that you must be able to tune a crystal with the force to make a saber, however, put a saber in hans hand and have him go up against a group of storm troopers, he would die almost instantly. He doesnt have the force speed and focus to deflect any bolts.

    In this example, Vader could have a rallying ability in the force, and he may be able to augment the clone’s abilities, but at least in my oppinion, a saber is no better than a vibroblade in the hands of a non-sensetive because its actually more likely that the wielder will become overwhelmed in combat and hurt themselves with the saber.

    This goes with what Zen said, id buy that this is more concept artwork before Lucas made rationalizations for why a non force sensitives cant even wield a saber.



    And my question is answered. Im not keeping up with the changes in the universe very well. Last time I checked Ki-Adi Mundi was an actual master. Back when Revenge came out, the official star wars databanks told the story of how Ki-Adi was never allowed the rank of master because he had 5 wives, and how yoda let him in the council because the polygamy eased traditional fears of loss. (I was researching EVERYTHING as I was reading the book).

    I used that factoid and went to double check it and it had been edited out to help rationalize Anakin’s outrage at being the only council member to not receive the rank of master.


    This is conceptual artwork, before the movies George Lucas wanted the Lightsaber to be a common weapon in the Galaxy®, but later he tought of the lightsaber as jedi/sith weapon only


    what about… personally sith-trained stormtroopers… heh?


    camusapprentice: The Universe is supposed to be static. A Fact is a fact is a fact; authors; writers for video games; anyone who made a toy had to go through hell to make sure everything fit nicely.

    that was until lucas got involved and fucked it all up.
    That is why EP1-3 are not cannon.


    You’re aware that Lucas was involved from the start, right?


    Think this is more of Vader handing out light sabers to some of the troops, for sport.


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