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I\’ve been seeing this all over cars and thought it was some cult thing.

Looked it up here, and found out it was representing people who decide to run half a marathon.

Why committ to do something if you\’re not going to see it through all the way?

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    That is why I only sport a 140.6 sticker.


    Sure, run only half a marathon, but why rock a sticker like it’s something to be proud of?


    They call them mini-marathons, so as not to feel like they only ran half-way


    can you run 13.1 miles token?


    Bitching that people want to run 13.1 miles is like tearing down someone who participates in a 10k instead of a 20k. You know why some people participate in half-marathons? BECAUSE THEY CAN. Not everyone’s a marathon runner, but some love to run. This is like asking why you get $200 when you pass GO instead of $250: it’s *arbitrary*. The important thing is participation. Get off the couch and see if you can do even this much.


    13.1 is a good start, but a friend of mine runs Ultra-marathons which is a time based marathon. Normally they run for 24 STRAIGHT HOURS and the winner is one who ran the furthest (he just completed a 24 marathon in Italy last month). The surprising part is that Ultra-marathons are not for the youthful, the average age is like 38.