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    29 Responses ttto Marvels Movie Characters

    1. mightyattom says:

      What character is in the bottom left-hand corner?

    2. fatmalegamer says:

      Is it Sandman maybe? I’d like to know as well.

    3. My guess was sandman, but I dont think so.

      Fail list (in terms of how much the movies sucked):
      Daredevil (just hardly on the list)
      Fantastic Four
      Ghost Rider.

      Pretty much the rest are welcome in the avengers movie.

      • bstaples says:

        You only consider that few to be fail? I’m looking at only 4 of 17 characters to not be completely botched:

        Spiderman (for 1 and 2 only)
        Sammy Jackson (he only had like 4 lines)
        Iron Man
        Human Torch (Who couldn’t have been better cast)

        • I was trying to have an open mind since a lot of these people seem to be in the avengers movie. I think Nortons Hulk was pretty freaking amazing. and you have to at least give it to Jackman that he is Wolverine. As a producer the disemboweled origins, but he is still irreplaceable as wolverine.

          • rattybad says:

            But Norton wasn’t really the Hulk, now was he? The Hulk was the same shit CGI from the other film. Norton was just…the same old Norton, not geeky enough in my opinion. Better story would have been appreciated, too.

        • Lamb says:

          My opinion on marvel movies that I’ve seen or tried but couldn’t:
          – all spider-man movies sucked
          – Iron man was meh, but it made me curious on how the sequel will be
          – daredevil and elektra were poor movies, so so boring
          – x-men 1 was cute, x-men 2 was not a big deal, x-men 3 was ok (don’t know why people hate it so much) and origins wolverine was a total disappointment, how could they do that deadpool? not one single one-liner
          – I didn’t watch any punisher movie from beginning to end… much, much too boring
          – fantastic 4- both horrible, but then again I don’t like the cartoon either
          – blade 1 was ok for when it was made, 2 was ok too and 3 was, again, ok… but without Ryan Reynolds it wouldn’t have been
          – hulk 2003: MY GOD! MY EYES ARE BLEEDING!
          – hulk 2008: meh (and it’s a meh because Edward Norton was in it, even though he didn’t really have a role he could do anything with)
          – Could that be Spawn? Didn’t see the movie so I have nothing to say.
          – Ghost Rider: Best comedy

          • aarpie says:

            So, oh mighty nay sayer of nay like doom.

            What are your favorite movies? Ones that you think are just absolutely excellent.

            Just curious.

          • Just This Guy, You Know? says:

            There were a few plot holes in X Men 3; one of the biggest was why Wolverine had to kill Jean Gray when there are dozens of weapons lying on the ground which fire projectiles that could easily negate her mutant power. It would have worked within the context of the film, even if Phoenix was independent of Jean Gray’s mutant abilities in the comics. Making Juggernaut a mutant was a bit of a Wallbanger, as well. I found it entertaining, but there were a lot of Fridge Logic moments.

    4. Is it the other hulk? Didnt that hulk fight some weird tendril jellyfish thing? Kind of looks like his head in the middle.

    5. MattKirby says:

      no thats an indie man thing horro film form marvel


      it aired on sci fi for a while

    6. multi_masked says:

      I will join this group of people not knowing what the hell is on the bottom left. And, I would like to see the unpussified Punisher up there instead of Thomas Jane. I’m sure that this isn’t the only list of Marvel characters that they shitted onto film.

    7. fatmalegamer says:

      Honestly, I don’t think the first Fantastic Four movie was all that bad. It wasn’t amazing, but I think the casting was great. The second movie was a raging pile of Lockjaw’s telepoop, but I digress.

      • Im sorry sir, but you are WRONG. The casting is atrocious and I will give you only one reason. Jessica Alba. There are a lot of marvel characters she could have assumed, but she looks nothing like the invisible woman, and she sure as HELL doesnt strike me as one of the most intelligent people in the universe.

        She gets eye candy points, she should have gone for a more sexually charged hero, not a good fit.

        • fatmalegamer says:

          >>she looks nothing like the invisible woman
          >>doesnt strike me as one of the most intelligent

          You lose at arguments.
          A) Johnny wasn’t a blonde. It doesn’t bother anyone. Hugh Jackman is far too tall – again, no one gives a damn.
          B) What, you’ve got Alba’s report cards? Needless personal attacks are not valid points.
          C) A more sexually charged hero? You’ve obviously never read UFF. Or Illuminati, for that matter. GTFO.

          • Hahahahaha. sorry, I didnt know I tripped on the mother of all geek arguers. Should have been tipped off by the username. Sorry to have disagreed, I will not taint your masterbation material anymore. Jessica Alba can play Lady Macbeth for all I care, Im sure your hand will still think she did it like she actually knows how to finish a sentence without looking confused.

        • The Matrix: Rebooted says:

          Jessica Alba is a terrible actress, but that’s not the only casting problem. Movie studios need to wake up and realize they can’t just get C-listers to play iconic comicbook characters. What they need is classically trained, Shakespearean characters(eg Steward, McKellen) who can take that comic bullshit dialogue and make it sound convincing.

        • rattybad says:

          I agree…Jessica Alba was wrong for that part. And they really dumbed down the character; Susan Storm wouldn’t put up with the sexist way she was portrayed. But as to that, the entire film was miscast and sucked balls.

          The sequel was even worse.

    8. Dreth says:

      Guy on bottom left might be Blackheart (from Ghost Rider) but that would be the real comic book look, not that lame ass movie version.

      And all these are fail, with the exception of Iron Man.

    9. MattKirby says:

      ffs would you guys look at my post ? The guy on the bottom left is Man Thing ! He’s a guy from a sci fi movie jesus !

    10. wookie_x says:

      Scarlett Johansson has signed to be Black Widow in Iron Man 2. For the character, I have no idea how she’ll do. I am eager to see Scarlett Johansson in a black latex body suit, however.

    11. kickinupdirt says:

      so that bottom left corner is Swamp Thing yeah?

    12. Puulaahi says:

      At least they got Iron Man, Spiderman and Blade right.

      Everything else sucks!

      Jessica Alba is hot, therefore she doesn’t have to be a fantastic actress. You people don’t know shit about the working of Hollywood. Go watch Mulholland Dr. NOW!

    13. rattybad says:

      Spider-Man 1 & 2 were great, except for the asides trying to push the “New York is so great and we’re all New Yorkers peace love kisses hug” bullshit on us. Tying Spider-Man into 9/11…thanks, but no. I’d rather just enjoy a Spider-Man film. Part 3 sucked, end of story. I don’t need a darker Peter Parker swing dancing, and don’t try to make me feel bad about Sandman. Ugh…and what is Topher Grace doing in this movie?

      Iron Man’s awesomeness was inversely proportional to Daredevil’s awfulness.

      X-Men 1 & 2: I could do without all the “we’re a family!” shit. Part 3 was great because it wasn’t directed by Bryan Singer. I know I’m in the minority on this.

      Both Hulks were terribly boring, lacking decent stories, which is probably expected since it’s mostly a story about a tortured nerd spliced to a story about a poorly-rendered green CGI monster punching shit.

      Fantastic Four, also shit, the both of them. The second was actually worse than the first. The Thing looked like…orange styrofoam. Jessica Alba’s cute, but wrong for the part—any actress they cast would be pretty; how about finding one who can act, too. And the stories were *dumb*.

      And what numbskull thought Jennifer Garner would make a passable Elektra? She’s skin and bones, perky and sweet. This is not Elektra. That film was laughable.

    14. jdbrady says:

      Long live Star Trek…… Oh wait shit.

    15. thelastmadrox says:

      This could be a completely fabricated rumor, but I remember reading back when it was just coming out that Jennifer Gardner was telling her friends and family not to see Elektra. She appreciated their support but didn’t want them to waste their money. I guess a part of her Daredevil contract obligated her to star in a spin off Elektra movie. Not really a fan of hers anyway, but I remember thinking this was hilarious.

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