Amazing Randi / Daniel Dennett Dammit!

Amazing Randi

[edited to say: thanks to Ironwolf, I have been corrected.]
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    WTF is this?


    Amazing Randi spells his name like a bitch.


    It’s the amazing RANDO!!!!!!!

    mst3k anyone?


    it’s fucking santa


    That’s not James “The Amazing” Randi! That’s Daniel Dennet.

    tiki god

    shit, I’m pretty sure you’re right. those two guys need to form a ‘bald men with white beards who look sexy’ club. I’ll edit the title to reflect the correct name, thanks for the information!


    Sorry, “Dennett”


    I don’t have a clue who this is… But he gets 5 stars?

    Billy Manic

    Okay, clueless people. Although this isn’t James Randi, James Randi is a hypercool guy (and magician) who devotes his time to being a skeptic, and debunking whatever he feels is BS, like paranormal activities, claims of telepathy, etc. Definitely awesome.

    Unfortunately, I do not know who Daniel Dennett is.


    5 Stars just for the beard.


    I had a pretty awesome run-in with this guy. I went to Anime Weekend Atlanta (believe it or not, my supernerd girlfriend dragged me), and lo and behold, they were holding a Skeptic’s Society discussion panel, with like 3 religious guys, a paranormal investigator, a couple scientists, and a couple ‘professional’ skeptics. The PI was discussing his evidence and proof of psychics and holy shit, Randi steps up to quiz the guy. This guy is smart, Mr. Randi. He dressed this guy down in front of a crowd of about 50 people and about 8 of his peers. Just made… Read more »

    Billy Manic

    Except that’s not James Randi, haha. Cool story though. That reminds me, he has a monetary prize of $1,000,000 to anyone that can prove something supernatural to him.


    thank you for the edit tiki. Everyone should be able to recognize our contemporary philosophers- Several of you fail.


    I second that.

    Daniel Dennett is my hero.

    tiki god

    dude, when they look so similar, you have to forgive misidentification in situations like this.

    Billy Manic

    We’re starting to suspect you might have a drinking problem.

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