handicapped entrance

handicapped entrance

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    Grab the bars and use them like ladder rungs?


    RUN bitches, runn!!!!!!!


    Turn the sign around for old skool sk8ters.


    I had a dream about a guy in a wheelchair last night. It was at my school, he was wearing a suit and he seemed to be working for a bank. So after class, when everyone left, this guy showed up and gave the wheelchair guy, we’ll call him Henry, the keys to a new car. It was a big deal, because the car had invisible gadgets or something, that would allow Henry to walk again. This doesn’t make any sense, but instead of going to his new car, he made only slow careful steps, towards the parking lot, turned,… Read more »


    What the fuck kind of porn have you been watching that produced that dream?!? I can’t even imagine what it could possibly be… lol.


    Haha oh the porn line at the end is just something I always tell myself, when my brain produces irrational things. Just blame it on the porn. Though I’ve been watching and rewatching a lot of David Lynch films lately, so that could be it.

    And since you haven’t asked any questions about how his head could sink in is suit and all that, which means you could imagine it somehow, you deserve some fine extra points.


    Get a sign and some zip ties and you have a picture for MCS.