Re – Enclosed letter from ACA Debt Collector

Re - Enclosed letter from ACA Debt Collector

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    Billy Manic

    Shit yeah.


    I lol’d. 😀


    Damn. Mine was for 258.86 for tests that I did not have, on a day I was not even in the same time zone. Guess the TSA is good for something after all, as it was their security footage that proved my case in court.


    Except now you can go to jail for using profane language through the mail system… and spell check is not always your friend.

    tiki god

    [citation required]

    I believe you to be full of shit.


    I could have written that letter. I will not go to the local hospital anymore for the same reason; their billing system is total shit. An argued bill of $1000. All because of physical therapy co-pays that I don’t have because it’s a fucking PPO. The insurance company agreed I didn’t owe it and didn’t need a referral. The hospital agreed I didn’t owe it but they had already sent the bill to the law firm. The law firm agreed that I shouldn’t owe it but the hospital had sent it to them. Somehow everyone agreed that I shouldn’t have… Read more »


    this is awesome