Mac Vs Windows – Choose Your poison

Mac Vs Windows - Choose Your poison

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    teezy weezy

    windowz ofr teh win ?


    fuck ’em. I use Ubuntu.


    I prefer windows but that is largely due to a lack of understanding about Mac… still my prejudice remains




    i rather get poisoned by windows and take the damage like a man then a mac like a queer


    2000 called. They want their lame ass homophobic jokes back.

    Luke Magnifico

    I cannot use a Mac. They are simply too…. simple.

    Pictograms FTL.


    friends don’t let friends drive Macs….


    Both operating systems have their (numerous) flaws, but I’d pick Windows over Mac.

    Insanely Rational

    There are two basic paradigms regarding the use of computers: “Computers are tools” and “Computers are butlers”. A tool is something that doesn’t do anything on its own, it only allows YOU to do things you couldn’t do without it. But without the knowledge of how to use the tool, even the best tool is nothing more than a paperweight. A butler is someone who does everything for you. You don’t need to know how things are done, you just tell the butler what you want and he does it for you. Linux is the textbook example of “Computers are… Read more »


    I sort of agree with you. Linux is a pain in the arse to get working right, but when it is working right, it’s brilliant. I do computing at college though, and I can’t get the bloody thing working right. I think it’s just my computers though, on my laptop it can’t find my wifi card, and it can on my PC but I can’t find the right drivers for it. I do use PCs all the time, but given the choice I would use a Mac. Only reason I don’t have one is I’m a jobless 18 year old… Read more »



    I was convinced you’re a 30 year old, suit wearing, copy of tax plan waving, guy.

    I don’t know why.

    Hey that rhymed.


    I wonder if Alfred Pennyworth would take offense to this definition?


    I choose Linux!


    I choose you Pikachu! Kill all these NERDS arguing which OS is better by using a THUNDERBOLT!


    Mac for the OS, Windows for the hardware. Although it would be nice to have a dual socket gaming rig that would run an OS that can actually take advantage of the second socket.


    butlers? how sad. computers are calculators if you don’t feed it anything the algorithm doesn’t work and no response.


    Hi I was wondering if you could miss the point a little more please.


    Sheesh! So much religion! I looked at it and simply thought – Dual Booter. 🙂