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This argument is flawed.


Can’t wait to see how many asshole kids decide to pour salt on snails to see “what gonna happen” after seeing this stupid ad. Have you ever seen what happens ? It’s fucked up.


It’s not fucked up its fun to see them shrivel up, at least when you have a garden that they are eating up.


To each his own. I am just not into watching things suffer. But hey,.. whatever you’re into.


They should have at least made the lines correctly.


Last time I checked, I didn’t melt and die when I poured pot all over myself…

Alec Dalek

This kind of bullshit has the opposite of the intended effect. Kids see right through this and it causes them to question all they’ve being told about drugs from the “grown ups”.

Almost got me in trouble growing up. When I found out Pot was harmless, I figured the other drugs must not be so bad either. Fortunately a friend straightened me out before I tried Coke.

Stop lying to the kids and insulting their intellect!


Yeah it is slightly irresponsible to be telling kids pot is gonna kill ya and mixing it in with things that will actually kill you. Not a good message to send.


You will turn into a giant clothes-wearing snail if you try pot?


IMO, it all depends on the person. I have seen people on meth and while not all people may be like that (also true from my observations) I still do not want to associate with them or have anything in common with them. Coke? Rich mans high, seriously. Anybody seen blow? Sure if you use too much it’s not good, but that can be said for a lot of things. Soda is the worst thing at mcdonalds. Just stay away from the hard shit, crack, meth, heroin, etc. LSD? No idea. Shrooms? Also have no idea. I would like to… Read more »