Warhammer 40k Bolter

Warhammer 40k Bolter

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    I want one or two with a lot of ammo to go with it.

    tiki god

    that shit is hard to pick up yo


    “Courage and Honor!”

    Luke Magnifico

    Inb4 “That’s not a bolter, that’s…..fucking…..I don’t know, something else that is also irrelevant”


    While its missing a few things on it to make it blatantly a 40k weapon (like the double headed eagle or a 8 pointed star) its still very likely a bolter.


    We need to start making theses, just like the Lobos and S.I.R’s from World War Z. One step closer to making what goes on in my head a reality.


    @ LukeV1-5: no thats an actual bolter…looks like mk. 2

    @ dis: we have something close to it but not nearly the range…AA12 with Frag12 ammo and ammo piercing caps


    Luke Magnifico


    Somehow, I don’t think you people have picked up what I have put down.


    I would have thought the roman numerals would enforce the 40k theme


    I did, and I laughed.


    Damn, my last comment was supposed to be responding to Luke’s last one. I guess “permalink to this response” doesn’t mean what I thought it did. >.>


    Actually, that is a Bolter. That is a Crusader Pattern Bolter popular before the Horus Heresy (If anyone knows the history of WH40k, they know what I mean). The Bolter models that followed were Godwyn-Diaz Pattern Bolters, with more enclosed and re-enforced breaches and forward grips.