Pillar of fire

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For when you absolutely, positively
need to be shown how much god hates you.

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    I’m gonna call shop unless someone can prove that that can happen, and no, a fire tornado does not count.


    Fire tornado beats paper.

    tiki god

    @Sticky: I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible


    Scary and impressive. Sauce?


    @tiki god:
    Well, I said that wrong. I have no doubt that it COULD happen, but the chances of a fire doing that are slim unless there’s something pushing the flame out like that. Maybe ruptured gas line? That’s what I’m beginning to think.


    Fire does strange things. Backdraft told me so. Also you can turn on the TV everyday to see that god hates humanity, if there is a god.

    I really doubt its shooped.


    a ruptured gas like would shoot a flame out, it would not twist like that (think blow torch). Also this building is made of cinder blocks in the middle of nowhere. It as a old chimney, and clearly was not much bigger then most garages. I very much doubt it had a gas line, such things usually exist in cites or other large municaplities. I am kind of wondering why they are spraying water ineffectively on the cinder block wall, you know, instead of into the door/window, or stretch a hand line around the side (no wall) where they could… Read more »


    @Sticky: nope. see a lot of these in brush fires and structure fires out here. They form just like dust devils. If I can find the chopper footage from the Bosque fires here in Albuquerque from a few years back I’ll link it. There was a shot with 3 of ’em.


    After reading Hochucks link. I still say no. They provide no examples of it ever happen on a small scale. There simply is not enough material to burn to create enough heat to generate a vortex such as this. The only examples provided were literally fires that encompassed an entire city, with everything burning to the point where the amount of oxygen available to feed the fire was inadequate, and the temp. differences involved between the area engulfed and the areas, causing effectively high and low pressure zones and directly changing environmental conditions. Huge wind storms were generated as it… Read more »


    S-snipe. A Brush fire or a forest fire? I’m guessing that if it warranted a chopper it was not a brush fire anymore.

    I could see how a forest fire could generate a vortex, this little shed? no


    I have seen some strange things firefighting…

    I mean, stuff you literally wouldn’t think is possible…

    but I haven’t seen this before. It’s curious, but I don’t think it’s a shop.


    That block wall and definite wind shown from the smoke going off to the side are probably the main factors. If there’s a decent updraft (which there is here) It wouldn’t take much rotation caused by turbulence of the wind going around that wall for the process to get drasticly accelerated from the updraft of the fire. My vote is for not a shoop. I’ve seen enough bonfire vortexes to know it doesn’t take a huge fire to make them, only the right conditions.


    Though I will add such phenomena are usually short lived. I bet the one pictured above, unless the wind was VERY stable, didn’t last more than 20 seconds and it was a quick photographer that caught it.


    I’m still skeptical.

    I saw: this picture.

    small ones in science labs

    pics that were clearly shopped(demon heads or whatever)

    Huge wild/forest fires w/ tornadoes, which I agree is possible.

    Like Paul is drunk said he has lots of experience. Never seen it. I’ve spent less time on a fire-ground then a lot of people, but I am still calling shenanigans until I see something for a reputable source.


    Very much a shop. The guy in the foreground was not in the original photo


    All doubters have been owned by nyokki.


    @MikeBabaguh: Not just owned, pwned I believe heh. And those are some cool ass pics.


    Google PWNS ALL!


    @GrandAdmiralThrawn: Sorry. Bosque is the local spanish name for the cottonwood groves along the river. not big/dense enough to be called a forest, and there was only 300 acres total involved. but it was damned hot and 30mph sustained winds so those things flared up. only lasted about 10-15 seconds.


    This looks like a training exercise anyway as there are no trucks/equipment up close that would show the fire fighters are making any type of attempt to save this structure.


    Know how you guys all suck?

    NO ONE thought of wiki?