Superman is a green lantern

Superman is a green lantern

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    wow! I don’t know what to say about this, its almost sacriligious…but then to have the incredibly awesome ‘S’ shield merged with the Green Latern symbol, it makes up for it.

    Superman would never need the ring though…he can ‘shield’ himself from anything, travel anywhere he needs to and could just pummel the shit out of anything with his fists.


    Yeah, but now he can get around Kryptonite wielding ass-bats.


    No fair. Now Hal Jordan’s bloated corpse is tumbling about the aether, being alternately cooked & frozen by the sun & vacuum like some cosmic summer-camp hot dog.


    And Batman could still kick his ass.


    Yeah right LMAO And Santa kicks Batman’s ass LOL


    Yeah, this is why I don’t read superhero comics.


    Well at least he has those nifty bulking knee shields, in case anyone comes at him with a kryponite crowbar.


    Two of the lamest superheroes form together to create the ultimate lameness.

    fracked again

    So now he has two weaknesses. Yellow and kryptonite. Three if you count yellow kryptonite.

    Nevermind. Checked wikipedia. Yellow doesn’t auto negate green lanterns and yellow kryptonite doesn’t exist, but gold does, and it auto-nerfs superman permanently. Apparently, that keeps the writers from using it. Maybe Lex doesn’t really want to put Superman out of action, and only wants forty cakes. As many as four tens. And thats terrible.

    God, I hate DC. This only reminds me why the only good DC title was Lobo.


    Nope, sorry to say but you got it the other way around. Now he has no weaknesses at all. Think about it. The strength of one overcomes the weakness of the other.

    tiki god

    fracked again:
    fuck you, hitman was awesome.

    fracked again

    tiki god:
    OK, the last good DC title I read was Lobo. I’ll allow for the possibility that in the last decade, they may have produced something else worthwhile.


    tiki god: Agreed. fracked again: You should read Hitman vs. Lobo. Good stuff.

    fracked again

    I’ll look for a torrent later. Thanks.

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