Retared Citizens Thrift Store

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    That site DeadDog, is messing with my head.

    Porn star politicians, pregnant teen group photos, microwaved babies, and women with lamps shoved up their asses.




    You just get back into that store so they can sell you.


    @ack: So you think because they call it Retarded Citizens Thrift Store, they sell retarded citizens?

    Reminds me of doing yer ma. She was second hand too.


    My mother only does second hand when the first hand is not big enough to satisfy.

    Now then… get back in yer store so they can sell you – at a discount.

    fracked again

    Nothing more to be said.


    i’d buy dieA if she was on sale

    then i’d use her in nefarious ways before selling her at a premium for teh profitz.

    sorry maya, but if you can do the same with me, then go right ahead

    Jesus Christ

    Don’t worry, dieA. I’d spend every last penny on you to make sure these kids don’t get their grimey mits on you… as long as you pay me back, of course. (:


    @natedog: Unforgivable. While those nefarious ways do sound interesting, unforgivable.

    LUCKILY, I got Jesus Christ on my side.

    I love Jesus.

    And aw yeah I’d pay you back, lady. Thrice.


    I never have Jesus on my side… occasionally natedog, but never Jesus.

    I notice there is no door where you would expect it, so you get to watch the “differently able-ed” whack into the window.

    Sick! Sick! Sick!


    Especially when considering what killbox has pointed out;
    This is waaaay to reminiscent of a Farside comic to suspend my level of belief,
    hence I exclaim SHOP!


    I would spend all the money I had to buy DIEA hehe