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    41 Responses ttto How many famous people can you identify?

    1. TGGeko says:

      in b4 answer swarm

    2. MonkeyHitman says:

      all i see is Joseph Stalin,Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein & Fidel Alejandro Castro. Fuck the rest but badass picture

    3. Puulaahi says:

      I can name many.

      Why is Don Vito Corleone in there?

    4. Haha why does Putin look so sexy. What a mindfuck.

      Also, the fact that Nietzsche and Lincoln are sitting at the same table is so fucking awesome. I wish I was there.

      Hey AT, gimme the source. Like right now.

    5. WHOA. And Goethe isn’t even far away either. Whoever made this has just been included in my book of goodness. I’m completely high on it.
      I actually thought about drawing all philosophers, authors, politicians that are significant to me, all together, on a big piece of paper.

    6. clicksip says:

      I’ve gotten some here’s the list add to it!

      Queen Elizabeth
      Napoleon Bonapart
      Bruce Lee
      Audrey Hepburn
      Abe Lincoln
      Gangus Kaan
      Bill Clinton
      Adolf Hitler
      Ben Franklin
      Elvis Presley
      Albert Einstein
      Shirley Temple
      Charlie Chaplin
      Mike Tyson

    7. clicksip says:

      Got a few more:

      Sigmund Frued
      Al Capone?
      Thomas Jefferson

    8. clicksip says:

      OK 2 more:

      Sadaam Hussien
      Mao Tun Soon

      Not sure on the spelling, but I leave the rest up to you! Good luck!

    9. Joeseph Goebbels says:

      Vladimir Putin

    10. Sticky says:

      Can’t believe nobody’s pointed out Lenin yet.

    11. Sticky says:

      I also see Michael Jordan, Erwin Rommel(?), Che Guevara, Yassir Arafat, Heinrich Himmler, Gandhi, and Plato.

    12. Sticky says:

      I think I also see Henry Kissinger, but I’m not sure.

    13. one says:

      Einstein’s not good enough for a chair?

    14. zeikxx says:

      osama bin ladin
      yaser araphat (sp? palastinan leader for a long time)
      guan yu
      sun tsu
      winston churchill
      carl marx
      mother thereasa
      micheal jordin
      di vinci
      maralin monro
      galalao(sp? discovered that earth orbits sun)
      teddy rosevelt
      bill gates

      easter island statues
      great pyramids
      tv with atomic explosion on it
      various pottery
      playing cards
      feather pen
      fire hydrant
      record player
      soccor ball
      catarack (boat sp?)
      alchemy set
      great wall of china
      round table
      terra cotta statues?

      large bird of pray

      tried to list as much as i can identify that others hadn’t already

    15. @one: Hey he’s sitting on books. Books > chairs

      I love mathematics.

    16. Sticky says:

      @dieAntagonista: Edgar Kaycee could absorb all the information from a book by taking a nap with his head on it.

    17. natedog says:

      gayest elvis ever

      lol @ mike tyson and Putin chillin together

      and is Ghandi really contemplating what i think he’s contemplating with regard to that sheep?

      so you gots Bin Laden trailing a huge procession to the Egyptian pyramids over the head of George W., who’s looking through a spyglass at Arafat and The Godfather? WAT

      also, i’d love to hear what’s going through Abe Lincoln’s head here

    18. @Sticky: Best thing I’ve heard all week.

      Did you know that I sleep like a baby if I rest my head on the hard cover of a book? There is no logical explanation for it, but I prefer it over pillows. I can’t absorb any information though. Unfortunately. Or I’d be a doctor/lawyer/scientist by now.
      If I had enough books to replace all the furniture in my house with them, I would do it. Goddamn that would be phenomenal. Just imagine that. Bookshelves made of books with books on them. This has got to be illegal.


      I’m sitting already next to Abe. You can sit between me and Nietzsche and listen to our conversation.

    19. Ok I’m reaching my dork limits here. I’ll go now.

    20. TheLotusEater725 says:

      @dieAntagonista: I’ve actually wanted to do something like that for a while.

    21. @thelotuseater725: Lemme move in and we can make this happen.

    22. NoOneInParticular says:

      It’s a trick question – many of the people in the picture are not famous, they’re INFAMOUS. 😛

    23. Tyger42 says:

      @Puulaahi: ….Brando, of course.

    24. asdf says:

      pele. anyone know who the weird guy drinking tea is and the other guy under the table staring at shirley temple and the guy with the rockin sweater vest?

    25. marcuserektus says:

      It’s four-thirty…guess we’re ten minutes late.

    26. nyoki says:

      Prince Charles. Aristotle, Plato and Socrates?

    27. marcuserektus says:

      Some of the associations are interesting: Genghis Khan and Napoleon opposing conquerors (East versus West)?

      I can see Che as Castro’s right hand man, but his left on a movie Mafioso? Marilyn Monroe was thought to be associated with the Mob.

    28. longshoes says:

      Charles Darwin is just to the left of Gandhi.

      Guy in the long white beard to the right of the picture with the key around his neck looks like Rabindranath Tagore. rickpdx.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/rabindranath-tagore.jpg

      who are the chinese guys at the top of the wall on the right?

    29. wombat says:

      No one realizes that the camel is You Bastard of Discworld fame? o.O

    30. dekay46 says:

      all of them. i win.

    31. VanZant says:

      Michael Jordan! Sweet! ….also, I don’t like the way Gandhi is eyeballing that sheep.

    32. sylvanish says:

      There is a significant lack of women in this picture. Judging by the few that are, the artist sucked at drawing women and just avoided it as much as he figured he could.

      Audrey looks like an orc.

    33. ok there are 103 people in this picture. here we go. I named them all.
      1 Bill Gates, Microsoft founder

      2 Homer, Greek poet

      3 Cui Jian, Chinese singer

      4 Vladimir Lenin, Russian revolutionary

      5 Pavel Korchagin, Russian artist

      6 Bill Clinton, former US President

      7 Peter the Great, Russian leader

      8 Margaret Thatcher, former British Prime Minister

      9 Bruce Lee, martial arts actor

      10 Winston Churchill, former British Prime Minister

      11 Henri Matisse, French artist

      12 Gengis Khan, Mongolian warlord

      13 Napoleon Bonaparte, French military leader

      14 Che Guevara, Marxist revolutionary

      15 Fidel Castro, former Prime Minister and President of Cuba

      16 Marlon Brando, actor

      17 Yasser Arafat, former leader of Palastine

      18 Julius Caesar, Roman emperor

      19 Claire Lee Chennault, Second World War US Lieutenant

      20 Luciano Pavarotti, singer

      21 George W. Bush, former US President

      22 The Prince of Wales

      23 Liu Xiang, Chinese hurdler

      24 Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General

      25 Zhang An (the painter)

      26 Mikhail Gorbachev, former Russian leader

      27 Li Tiezi (the painter)

      28 Dante Alighieri, Florentine poet

      29 Dai Dudu (the painter)

      30 Pele, footballer

      31 Guan Yu, Chinese warlord

      32 Ramses II, Egyptian pharoah

      33 Charles De Gaulle, French general

      34 Albert Nobel, Swedish chemist, founder of Nobel prizes

      35 Franklin Roosevelt, former US President

      36 Ernest Hemingway, American novelist

      37 Elvis Presley, American singer

      38 Robert Oppenheimer, American physicist

      39 William Shakespeare, English playwright

      40 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Austrian composer

      41 Steven Spielberg, American film director

      42 Pablo Picasso, Spanish painter

      43 Marie Curie, physicist and pioneer of radioactivity

      44 Zhou Enlai, first Premier of the People’s Republic of China

      45 Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, German writer

      46 Laozi, Chinese philosopher

      47 Marilyn Monroe, American actress

      48 Salvador Dali, Spanish painter

      49 Dowager Cixi, former ruler of China

      50 Ariel Sharon, former Israeli Prime Minister

      51 Qi Baishi, Chinese painter

      52 Qin Shi Huang, former Emperor of China

      53 Mother Teresa, Roman Catholic Missionary

      54 Song Qingling, Chinese politician

      55 Rabindranath Tagore, Indian poet

      56 Otto Von Bismarck, German statesman

      57 Run Run Shaw, Chinese media mogul

      58 Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Swiss philosopher

      59 Audrey Hepburn, Belgian-born actress

      60 Ludwig Van Beethoven, German composer

      61 Adolf Hitler, Nazi leader

      62 Benito Mussolini, Italian fascist politician

      63 Saddam Hussein, former President of Iraq

      64 Maxim Gorky, Russian writer

      65 Sun Yat-Sen, Chinese revolutionary

      66 Den Xiaoping, Chinese revolutionary

      67 Alexander Pushkin, Russian author

      68 Lu Xun, Chinese writer

      69 Joseph Stalin, former Soviet Union leader

      70 Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian painter

      71 Karl Marx, German philosopher

      72 Friedrich Nietzche, German philosopher

      73 Abraham Lincoln, former US President

      74 Mao Zedong, Chinese dictator

      75 Charlie Chaplin, British actor

      76 Henry Ford, founder of Ford motor company

      77 Lei Feng, Chinese soldier

      78 Norman Bethune, Canadian physician

      79 Sigmund Freud, Austrian psychiatrist

      80 Juan Antonio Samaranch, former International Olympic Committee president

      81 Chiang Kai Shek, Chinese general

      82 Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom

      83 Leo Tolstoy, Russian novelist

      84 Li Bai, Chinese poet

      85 Corneliu Baba, Romanian painter

      86 Auguste Rodin, French artist

      87 Dwight Eisenhower, former US President

      88 Michael Jordan, American basketball player

      89 Hideki Tojo, former Japan Prime Minister

      90 Michelangelo, Italian Renaissance painter

      91 Yi Sun-Sin, Korean naval commander

      92 Mike Tyson, American boxer

      93 Vladimir Putin, Russian Prime Minister

      94 Hans Christian Andersen, Danish author

      95 Shirley Temple, American actress

      96 Albert Einstein, German physicist

      97 Moses, Hebrew religious leader

      98 Confucius, Chinese philosopher

      99 Ghandi, Indian spiritual leader

      100 Vincent Van Gogh, Dutch painter

      101 Toulouse Lautrec, French painter

      102 Marcel Duchamp, French artist

      103 Behind George Bush is Osama bin Laden

    34. maggot5858 says:

      @Puulaahi: cuz DOn Vito is the SHIT!!!!!

    35. marcuserektus says:

      At least three internets goes out to Infestedlshan

    36. clicksip says:

      hmm I’m a dummy I didn’t realize there was an hole nother section of the picture.. so I would have gotten more. Sorry about being incoherent.

    37. I think there’s tension between Bruce Lee and Genghis Khan for the title of toughest asian of all time! There’s only one way to settle it, They gotta Stomp The Yard!

    38. Chenoan says:

      Bill Gates
      Bill Clinton
      Adolf Hitler
      Audrey Hepburn
      Charlie Chaplain
      Bruce Lee
      Queen Elizabeth II
      Shirley Temple
      Albert Einstein
      Archimedes (?)
      Muhumad Ali
      Winston Churchill
      The Godfather
      Marilyn Monroe
      Leonardo Da Vinci
      Michael Jordon
      Nelson Madala
      Prince Charles
      That guy that always say “HEEEEY, you’re alright”
      Abraham Linkin

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