The new f-15 silent eagle

Boeing_F-15_Silent_Eagle-topshot.jpg (243 KB)

f-15-silent-eagle-3.jpg (704 KB)

The new f-15 is supposed to be “cheap stealth”

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    So, what? They just coat the F-15 in radar absorbing paint? I doubt that’s all it needs to become stealth…


    upgrade ! haz more ram


    No plane can be too stealthy with two giant heat signatures coming out the ass end of the plane, not to mention the heat from the friction due to the air flowing over the airframe.

    Sure it’s radar signature may be the size of a bird but most modern radar systems know that birds don’t fly in straight lines at 700km/h.


    – LOL good point.


    Cheap frontal aspect EXPORT stealth, like the Soviet/Russian ‘monkey models’.

    Canted tails, semi-internal weapons pylons, radar absobant coatings do not stealth make.


    When your F-22 gets too expensive what you get? Upgraded Eagles!

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