Pet cosplay

pet cosplay.jpg (75 KB)


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    Why did they nail a cheese to that poor weiner dog’s back?


    Funny, I imagined the pics were from here NSFW. Then I saw it was pets in cosplay, not women cosplaying as pets.


    This is so fucking cruel and just plain stupid. That daschhund looks morbidly obese, if breeding them to have long, inappropriate, weak spines wasn’t bad enough. And boxers can hardly breath anyway cause of the way they’re bred, and then someone puts a mask on it… jeez.


    I whole-heartedly dis-approve.


    Animal people are evil.


    This cosplay event is promoted by a ONG that helps street animals. These costumes are their way to promote abandoned dogs for adoption.
    Many of these “tortured” cosplayers end up with a family. Not to mention the entrance ticket are funds and resources to this ONG.

    The daschhound is one of the street dogs they put up for adoption. Other dogs are from visitors.

    So, I don’t think it’s “plain stupid and cruel”.


    Cocozin: I take back my previous comment.

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