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Being a bike rider, and more of an artsy than a science person i think this is a neat idea. really. its interesting and idk. shutup. but srsly would chalk on your tires lower your traction at all?

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    fucking stupid idea.


    storminator: That’s what they said about mobile phones…oh wait, they were right


    I would think the chalk would only improve traction… think about gymnasts.


    I love to think about gymnasts.

    teezy weezy

    I hate cyclists, this is another reason to run them over, fucking retards.


    teezy weezy: Oh yeah? So that means you’re a car driver. Well guess what, I hate you too.


    Sooner or later you’re going to run out of shitty oil anyway. We’ll see how you get from A to B then. Pffft.




    teezy weezy: Jeez guy, did a cyclist rape your dad or something?


    I saw this on a bike design blog a while ago, so far I haven’t really seen a point to it other than giving the single occupancy armored personnel carrier drivers another reason to get pissy about cyclists.


    No, but how do you think he was created? His mom took a shortcut down a dark alley, and…well, a group of bicycles got off of their locks and…I think you can take it from there.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    Despite what you’ve read there is no shortage of oil and it replenishes.

    Sawwy. You gots lied to agin.

    Cyclists are retarded. They blow through stoplights and think they’re tough until you pull them off their little bicycles and they can’t run away anymore. 😛

    Hippies are all fair game.



    Right Magnus, right. There is always going to be enough oil, of course. And the earth… is a plate! On the back of a turtle.

    I bet I can run faster than you. And my bum is tighter than yours.


    Please don’t hurt me sir. I’m just biking to avoid getting fat. No, I didn’t mean to imply, Oww, Stop.


    Blondie: Idiots like you are the reason I have to keep cleaning blood from my U-lock.


    I actually can’t drive. At all. There, I said it.

    And dogsurfer, I was born skinny.

    Anyone who recognises this reference gets a hundred Internets. And a slap. On their bum.


    Aw wait. Now I know. Nobody is going to get it because they don’t know what Magnus looks like.

    dogsurfer: He has the body of a hitman. It’s a joke, comprende.




    @diaAntagonista: that’s why I am grateful for the segway. eventually we’ll all ride them to our bullet trains that will take us everywhere we want to go, and people will really enjoy that shit. u can look down and see the endless miles of ocean everywhere as we hop from one floating destination to the next.


    yawn: Wow, just wow. I honestly didn’t expect anyone to know it, and you can’t even look it up so I know you’re speaking the truth. I’m in awe. Although I’d say we’ll forget about the slap and I’ll have to think of something better.


    I envy you. Endless miles of ocean, that’s what I need. And you just made me like you again.

    Luke Magnifico

    Blondie: Yes. It does replenish, and there is lots of it.

    And yet you buy it at $86 a barrel

    I only pay for my bike when I want it to be more rad than it currently is. I can fix it myself when it gets broken, I don’t need any special tools or a big greasy man in overalls tellng me it’ll cost me $200 and 2 weeks. Never have to send away for parts, unless I can get them cheaper on the net. Don’t have to pay insurance, or road tax, and I never have to give drunks a lift home.

    When I come to a red light, yeah, I can blast through it, because I’m more agile than a car, and I’m in at the side of the road, in such a way that there’s a big gap. A gap left for the cars to go through. If you can’t drive through that gap without coming within 2 feet of me, then you are retarded, and shouldn’t be in anything with an engine.

    OR, I can turn into a wheeléd pedestrian, mount the kerb, and continue along my way on the path. While you sit in traffic.


    Drivers are retarded. They don’t indicate EVER, they don’t look where they’re going, and they think they’re so tough driving away until they have to stop at a red light and you pull up beside them and break their window.

    Luke Magnifico

    But while we’re on the topic, I think this is a stupid idea.

    Really fucking stupid.


    dieAntagonista: Dammit, we had a deal.


    They had tires with red and blue and most likely other colors (I didn’t hear much about them) that had colors in the rubber and gangs were doing drive-by’s and peeling out and leaving the colors on the street.

    With the economy the way it is, there is no doubt in my mind that gas-saving eco friendly gangsters will soon acquire 10 speeds and use this and it will be banned in no time. Enjoy it while you can.


    Hey now that’s not fair. I pay attention where I’m driving, am careful around pedestrians and cyclists, and rarely ever forget to signal which way I’m turning.

    Luke Magnifico

    Sticky: Yeah, and I bet you even give money to homeless peeps for a reason other than the sense of smug self-satisfaction it gives you.


    And it’s also the same reason I donate blood and expect nothing in return, jackass.


    As a motorcyclist, I can say that some of the rudest people I’ve dealt with on the road have been bicyclist. 90% of the bicyclists follow rules and stay out of the way… it’s cars that over react and can deal with them… but that 10% are just jackasses. They don’t like sharing the roads and feel that it belongs to them… Maintaining space to remain safe with car drivers who tend to be bad at sharing space, I get… blocking motorcyclists and doing stuff to try to get them to not ride the same roads? yeah, I don’t get that.

    Alec Dalek

    Fuck’n hippies!


    so many points to make here!storminator: agreed
    deuce: that’s retarded
    Blondie: i think i might love you. *hippie comment <3
    LukeV1-5: i do envy your lack of car payment. you’re one of those bicyclers that rides on the sidewalk? can we just slow it down a little billy-badass?


    deuce: FAIL

    chalk is an industrial lubricant, gymnasts use it so they don’t get burns rubbing on harder material. I would imagine the bike would crash if you used enough chalk.


    vandal: Gymnasts use powdered chalk, which reduces friction. The rubbing off of the chalk from the stick of chalk would require energy and so might increase the fricion a little.

    Luke Magnifico

    DisplacedTexan: No. I have places to go, and things to do, I cannot wait for you to get out of my way, so I will go around you.

    Luke Magnifico

    TrikYodz: Yeah!

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