Parking Lot Fail

Parking Lot Fail

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    Joeseph Goebbels

    Stop holding the road at that funny angle and the cars might not slip all over the place.

    Luke Magnifico

    The angle of this picture skews my mind.


    Looks like there was snow there? Probably parked before it melted so they couldn’t see the lines.


    @deuce: Or they’re just retarded.


    Since parking tends to parallel the buildings, these people are retarded as Tardex says. A little snow is no excuse. Since there is no snow on the cars at all the snow could not have been that bad.

    Since there are no trucks, jeeps or SUVs, and since the cars also look retarded, I can only assume Europe.


    I am sorry, I do not hate Europe. I hate that our Pres. is a idiot, and that he wants us to be like you, with you dumb little lawn mower cars


    Nobody’s forcing you to drive said “dumb little lawn mower cars” and a lot of American car manufacturers are using European car engineer designs to make our cars safer and more fuel efficient.


    @Sticky: Some of it yes, I like the running light/turn signal light that seems to be standard on VWs and other euro cars (can be seen on the gery car in this pic). Side airbags and the like. That said A lot of euro cars would never pass US safety standards, the “Smart” car could not be sold here until very recently for that reason. And there is still the laws of phsyics. Small cars are always going to be less safe. Big cars are always going to give you less MPG (although that is improving) then a small car.… Read more »


    @GrandAdmiralThrawn: Good info. I didn’t know that about side impact airbags.


    Damnit, I hit submit before I was finished. So anyways…
    @GrandAdmiralThrawn: I am short enough the the older airbags can be dangerous to me. Something about neck damage?


    free market solves all problems


    @ nyokki. older style (early 90s) airbags only had one charge, and it as big. The airbags all expanded with a lot of force. How fast they inflate is important. New cars (with the trend being towards the more expensive ones) have sensors that can figure out you weight, and use less charges to deploy the bag if the person in the seat is only 100 lbs. This is better for you in a wreck. But multi-charges means more things can get damaged(this would really happen in a truly catastrophic wreck. IF you SIT where you are SUPPOSED to, and… Read more »



    but but but…I can’t reach the pedals if I don’t sit on top of the steering wheel. 🙁


    @GrandAdmiralThrawn: Here’s the thing, though. If we didn’t force these companies to make ‘lawn mower cars’, the alternative would be to let them go out of business.

    If that happened, then no one would be making SUV’s for people to drive around in all by themselves and never open the cargo doors on anyway.

    This is all happening because no one can afford to gas up their trucks now, and the big scam of getting every family to buy 3 gas guzzlers is finally blowing over.

    Obama didn’t kill Pontiac, the fucking Humvee did.


    @GrandAdmiralThrawn: No I don’t drive on top of the steering wheel, but I do drive a pick-up (no extended/king cab), so a tad difficult not to be too close.