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The F-18 Hornet. I dunno if any of these are technically Super Hornets, but they are wicked sweet all the same. This is my favorite fighter jet of all. I have six models of them. My favorite one is painted purple with lime green tiger stripes. I eat a lot of mushrooms.

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    Nice shots, I usually hate the way the Hornet looks, but the last shot is amazing. To me, the F/A-18, is it still F/A?, has a too long of a tail section.


    wow, syl really does have an aircraft fetish. Was not kidding.


    I’m not sure about the first two, but the others are Super Hornets. Is anyone sure about the first two? The second reminds me of the Growler, but I’m not sure.

    @MrPsychic: It still is F/A.


    @sylvanish: an outbreak of military photos, awesome bro… My dad worked on these in secret, when they first came out


    Photos 3 and 5 are definately Super Hornets, they are visually unique due to the squared off intakes… Original Hornets have the rounded intakes.

    Nice pics.


    Fun Fact:

    Did you know that newer versions of the aircraft will be replacing the Prowler in the “Electronic Jamming” department.


    @Monkey770: That’s the EA-18G Growler variant of the Super Hornet.


    @sylvanish: I knew a Marine pilot who was insane enough he would have wanted to sport your Purple and lime tigerstripe colors on his Hornet. Would have matched his favorite bar hopping shirt.


    I work in the US Navy as an Aviation Electrian. My command trains pilots to fly the EA-6B Prowler and the new EA-18G Growler. The EA-18G is the newest Hornet varient and is intended to relace the Prowler. The second image is a Growler. It bears my commands marking on it’s Vertical Stabilizers. The easiest way to tell is the Jamming Pods under it’s wings. They have little propelers on the tips.


    That does look like 550 doesn’t it? That looks like NAS Pax River in the photo though.