New Jersey Devil

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    A face not even a mother could love.




    Wow, someones yearning for some attention.


    Kinda reminds me of Arseface.


    Does this dude eat through a straw? What a weirdo.

    Are those hockey pucks? HAHA

    teezy weezy

    Makes it easy to spot the moron I suppose.


    The New Jersey Devils suck and their fans suck.



    I think those ARE hockey pucks and I also agree that the best word to describe this fuck hole is a TOOL.


    Why? Just, why?


    So we know who to go for first when we start up a eugenics program.


    I hope he rapes Brodeur


    I’m all for individuality but GODDAMN! Does that really help with girls, having income,………anything?!! Sad, is what this is. Somebody lied to this poor sap.


    Wow, just wow.


    The cheeks make him look like some horrible, demented baby. That’s obviously a great look for anyone.


    Man, that’s commitment to shock value if ever I saw it. That’s definitely gonna grate on him after a while. Then he’ll be a depressed, middle-aged bachelor with holes in his face.


    Your all wrong, those are wheels. If we chopped his head off we could make a lil R/C head car.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    I want to punch him in the face as hard as I can and see how many disks I can pop out of his head.




    Good to know the vast majority of MCS users are peaceful, considerate and tolerant people.


    What a puckhead


    wow. I admit to having piercings and stuff, but this guy is a fucking idiot.


    He does kind of look like a Predator, though.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Mack: There’s no need to be tolerant when faced with a pile of fail like this. The only solution is to kill it before it can breed. I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to legally beat something like this to death with a bag of bricks. It falls under the “juggalo law” of permissable homicide as articulated in the Supreme Court case of ICP v. United States (1998), wherein the justices found that certain subcultures (i.e., juggalos) are so annoying and worthless that it’s in the public’s interest to eradicate them with extreme prejudice.

    Teutonic Logic

    Well at least the guy doesnt have a problem going half way with things.


    This is what happens when you neglect your kids.


    Howie Feltersnatch:
    My truth-o-meter is spiking off the charts!


    why the shooped devil’s emblem?


    Teutonic Logic: He sure as hell half-assed the whole keeping-your-face-intact thing


    Howie Feltersnatch:

    Glad to see you think humanity is only skin deep.

    Also Body modification ≠ Juggaloism



    One can only wonder what he will look like at 80 years of age…


    Irritation factor of this level of body modification = irritation factor of any level of Juggaloism


    Oh come on…this is RIDICULOUS….
    i mean, not onLy do those Look Like they are stretched too far (as in it REALLY Looks Like that’s painfuL anytime he has anything in them) but You’re saying he has HOCKEY PUCKS in them?
    What a fooL…



    Mack: We are peaceful and tolerant, but this guy is begging to be stared at and pointed at. Why the fuck else would he put holes that size in his FACE??!

    And, before you go thinking anything at all, I have tats, I have piercings. I get the idea behind body modification. This is extreme and ridiculous. Anything that interferes with your ability to have a normal life (eating, for example) is not normal.


    “This looks shooped. I can tell by some of the pixels and by shooping a few whoops in my time.”


    That was for camel:


    Looks like Preditor.


    Mack: There’s a limit to what most people will normally be open minded about. This guy has found it. I feel more pity than anything. That’s coming awful close to the “I’ll pray for you” backhanded insult, I know. But this guy will not age well.


    actually, this guy doesn’t look like that anymore, he has taken his cheek… piercings? out and they’re quite minimal now. he’s a polish dude, and quite a celebrity apparently.


    I honestly don’t see why everyone is hating on this guy simply for a decision he’s made about his appearance.

    He did it for himself, not for you lot too laugh at. Flawed argument by pretty much every user here.

    And as for people having a limit to being open minded, well, it doesn’t affect them in any way shape or form, so I fail to see how that limit could be reached.


    Looking at his cheeks makes me actually feel sorry for him.


    : Some people cannot rest on an issue until they’ve passed judgement. Since there is no explanation available, people here have invented their own and already disagreed with it.


    So he chose it for himself, good for him. I hope he’s happy because almost everyone else is laughing.


    How does he eat?

    Jenny Greenteeth

    I agree with Mack.
    I don’t think this guy looks good, but I think people should be able to look the way they want. Makes the world more interesting.


    This just makes me glad I’m a Rangers fan…


    I, for one, don’t understand the assumption that everyone is, or needs to be, “open minded.”

    Do we really need to respect every single possible choice that anyone could conceivably make?

    This guy is clearly an idiot and should be, at the least, sterilized. Frankly, I think we’d all be better off if he were immolated in a flaming barrel.


    Mack: Not hating, but you really think he didn’t do it for attention? Any kind of attention? Yeah, now he has quasi-celebrity status. For what? Making himself look so outlandishly different from any other human being on purpose. He’s an attention whore and he’s getting attention here. Mission accomplished.


    Fools! In the event of teh terrorisms, this dude will survive quite handily with the right accessory while everyone else has to go rummage for their gear:


    holy FUCK!


    This guy does NOT want a date.

    tiki god

    that’s fucking hilarious, +1 internets to you, sir!


    PathogenAntifreeze: lmao
    Well played.

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